6 Signs You Have a Strong Personality but Are Also Incredibly Sensitive

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Written by Selma

Society usually divides people into the strong ones and the sensitive ones. But, most people can’t fit in boxes and in one type. What if you feel like you have some sensitive characteristics, but are also a strong person? In fact, the people who appear the strongest are usually those who are the most sensitive at the same time. If you think you have the qualities of both types, here are six signs you have a strong personality but are also incredibly sensitive.

You Are Always Sincere

Most people are not always sincere to others, so they can fit in society better. But, you are not willing to compromise when it comes to honesty. While people are sometimes phony to avoid arguments and conflicts, you are always honest. Of course, you are never disrespectful nor do you impose your attitudes upon others, but when someone asks for your advice, you give your straightforward opinion without hesitation because you are aware that hiding the truth won’t help anyone. What is even more important, you are always honest towards yourself. You are very realistic about everything and never lie to yourself. Of course, you want the same treatment from the people around you and respect more the people who are sincere to you.

You Are Compassionate

When someone around you is suffering or has some kind of problem, you simply can’t look the other way. It’s in your blood to help people and to care about other’s well-being. This is because of the sensitive part of your personality. But, the strong part doesn’t allow you to let yourself be used. If you see that somebody doesn’t appreciate your efforts and is only using you, you will cut off that person immediately.

You Don’t Have Shallow Relationships

Your friendships and romantic relationships are always deep. You don’t want to make up meaningless conversations just for the sake of conversing, and you enjoy deep and meaningful conversations. You wouldn’t date just anybody. It doesn’t mean you are picky, it means you are not able to give yourself if you won’t do it completely. You don’t want to be in a relationship in which you have to pretend you are someone you are not. You don’t enjoy being alone, but you would rather be alone than with anyone. When it comes to friendships, you are only friends with people you can be completely honest with and who will be honest with you.

You Are a Great Listener

People always come to you when they are in trouble. You are a perfect listener and you understand everyone’s point of view. You don’t judge people because you know you haven’t walked a mile in their shoes. Most people around you cherish your advice and opinion, because they know you only say things after you think them through. Your sensitivity allows you to realize when something is wrong with the people you love even before they say it out loud. This part of your personality also lets you be empathetic. But, thanks to the strong part of your personality, you can be harsh sometimes when advising someone, but that’s only because you want what’s best for them. This part of your personality makes you a firm shoulder to cry on.

You Have a Strong Conscience

When you know you’ve done something some harm, your conscience will not let you be until you make it right. Your sensitive side would never allow you to treat someone the way you wouldn’t like to be treated. This is exactly what makes you a good person. But, this sensitive side also burdens you sometimes. You often find yourself overthinking about whether you hurt someone and whether you’ve been fair to everyone. Like everybody else, you too made some wrong choices in the past. You think about those decisions over and over again, trying to figure out what you could have done differently. But, as a strong person, you know you ought to look forwards and that you can’t change the past.

Not Everybody Can Hurt You

You have a very close circle of friends, but these are your true friends. You generally don’t care about other people’s opinion, and random malicious comments don’t hurt you easily. But, there are a few people whose opinion you value, and those are the people who can hurt you. When some of them hurt you, you don’t get over it fast, and it truly wounds you. These are the rare people who got the chance to see the true you and get to know you completely. You feel fully exposed to these people and the pain they cause is always more intense.

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