6 Reasons Why People Get Depressed

Written by Naida

People feel lonely and sad for so many reasons in everyday life and mostly those feelings last for few days, not longer. But if your feelings last more than those few days, you should ask yourself if you are on the way to facing depression. The feelings that you have are painful to the people around you, just as they are for you. Your friends and circle of family are fighting to save you from that condition. Usually those who are in depression don’t try to treat themselves, but they are fighting alone. Depression has become ordinary in everyday life, but it is a very severe problem.

You can feel depressed without actually knowing the reason for your sadness. Depression isn’t caused by one reason often, but by many different reasons. It could be in your genes, after facing some stressful and shocking situations, or because of your current condition.

Today’s population is faced with these six reasons of depression.

– Persistent stress.

Stressful situations happen to us every day, and those can be good. Chronic stress, though, can be very bad, because stress hormones and cortisol increases, while serotonin and dopamine decreases. That means that your spirit and your biological events which includes appetite, sex instinct, and energy also decreases. It is normally to react to a stressful situation, like the death of a loved one or other stressful things, but you should recover soon enough. But if you remain sad too long, it might be depression.

– Lack of money.

Money plays a main role in today’s community. But you don’t have to experience the lack of money to become depressed. Often depression comes with the debt, and that which lasts too long, like it’s chronic. Some researchers have found that those who are in debt are mostly those with depression. As much as debt increases, their depression increases, too. Usually those people are older ones.

– Body figure.

Today’s society demands us to be good looking. No matter what our genetics are, we have to be “perfect models.” So, many men and women start to feel miserable because their body image is not something they could brag themselves about. They are trying to be ideal models which they watch daily on TV or social networks. Women who feel insecure and unconfident with their bodies are often in a high level of a depression, and it sometimes even leads to suicide. They are trying many diets, which can bring many health disorders.

– Broken marriages or relationships.

This can be the most stressful thing that one person has to face, especially if this is not something you expected. Of course, you are never prepared to separate from someone who means a lot to you. It is very hard because you had to break the connection with someone you depend on and trust. In those situations there is no hope to love again, you lose your emotions, and it can be a serious torture.

– Getting older.

Faced with aging is not something that you find enjoyable, if you start to think about it. You know that you have done something, like raise children or have a good career, but still you can be frightened because you might lose your near family or friend members. Also your physical health is not as good as it once was and it upsets you.

– Loss of a loved person.

Sadness is natural emotion and it is entirely fine to feel miserable. But if your loss causes constant pain and if you don’t fight for yourself to feel better, it may not be good because it leads to depression. If you get over someone’s death in the right way, you realize that life is short and that being in a depression cannot be something that you are willing to surrender.

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