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This Is Why I Choose You

Written by Naida

Did you ever ask yourself why you chose him? Or did he ask you why him?

The answer is so simple. It’s so easy to tell.

You feeling to be with your person is both essential and unexplainable. It so easy being by his side and spending time with him. You feel safe and calmed. It’s like you can do everything, knowing that he is there to be your support. Your person’s awareness makes you happy and courageous. You can see everything distinctly.

Besides of all those beautiful feelings, your man is so handsome, too.

You feel so fascinated with him.

From the very beginning, you knew that he is everything you have waited for and prayed for. Still, you didn’t know what to expect. You only knew that from that moment on, there is nothing more valuable than being with him, having him in your arms, and kissing him. You knew that you want the time you are spending together to last forever. And you never see the end.

You are ready to say yes, to confirm that your love and your point of view is that you are going to be there, in good and bad. If you are going to be separated for some time, you will wait; if there is any tragedy or any joy, you will be prepared to solve things together. Simply answer is YES to all the things that are related to him.

In the focus of everything are you two, and there is love against the mess that is happening to you. Connection between you two is made out of gracefulness, tolerance, patience, and all the happy moments you made together. There is no one in the world who knows you better than your person.

Every tough situation that you once had to fight alone is now in the past, because your person simplifies it, which makes you safe. Once you were insecure and unconfident, but he complimented you. He is the reasonable one when you are freaking out for something. Now you feel so complete with your person, you couldn’t imagine what you would do without him, and how you would remain alive if he is not there for you.

Before you met him, you were just living, not asking much and not doing anything. Day after day, you lived like it is someone else’s life. Meeting him was the most powerful thing because after you started to love each other, you suddenly found your purpose, you had space to find out what you love about yourself and who you actually are. Maintaining the relationship is something you find so easy, because it is worth fighting for.

Isn’t that the great reason to keep your person? Isn’t that enough to explain why you choose him?

Of course you choose him.

For just a bit, or for a lifetime, you choose your person. It is very precious for someone to know that one person has chosen him or her and that there is nothing that can happen to change that condition. Also, it is a huge responsibility for that person because he has something priceless in his own hands. It is someone’s heart; someone’s huge amount of love, just for him and he should never break or ruin it. A person has to be very brave to handle someone’s love.

You two are a team, so ask yourself, is there anything more valuable than that? I doubt it.

Each day you spend with your person is worth your love, your patience. You choose him, you continue choosing him, now and forever. You clearly feel that it is the most courageous, greatest, and prudent choice you have ever made.

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