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Make A Woman Feel Loved In These 12 Ways

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Written by Peggysue

Every relationship goes through small crises. In those moments, it is really important to show your woman that you really care about her and that you love her. Even if you don’t have any problems in your relationship, these 12 things you can do just to make your woman feel loved.

-Make time for her.

All of us are making time for some things that we value in our life, but don’t forget to create time for your girl. You can do whatever you want, but be sure that you are never neglecting her. Whenever you make time for her, she will know that she is important to you, that you care about her. Don’t take her for granted, be a man and make time for her.

-Make her the priority.

Every woman needs to know that she is first place in her man’s life. So, you should be doing everything in your power to keep her around. Show her that she is important to you and make regular time for her in your schedule.

-Tell her that she is pretty.

She knows that she is attractive, but it is your duty as her love to tell her that she is pretty. Just tell her how great you think she looks. All of us love to be complimented, and she likes to make you happy. So, don’t hesitate to tell her how great she looks  ecause she will feel loved, and that is what is important.

-Appreciate her.

No matter how bad her day was, she will find you and be with you. For her that is very important, and she is doing many things just to show you how you are important for her. A passionate kiss and thoughtful gesture are things that she is doing for you on a daily basis. So don’t ever take that for granted. Don’t ignore her work.

-Share your feelings.

Every woman loves to talk about feelings, so don’t hesitate to share your feelings with her. Whatever is bothering you about her or about anything else, tell her. She will appreciate your words, and she will feel loved.

-Appreciate her for the best version of herself.

Accept her for who she is. Don’t try to change her. Love her just the way she is. All of us have some flaws, and we are making mistakes, but don’t remind her of her flaws and her mistakes. Show her that you love her for who she is. There is no need for improvement, tell her that you accept her completely for who she is.

-Work out conflict in a sensitive way.

Respect her and handle conflict with respect. There is enough crap in her life, so whenever you have conflict, try to handle it without doing irreparable damage.

-Small things matter.

You buy her things for her birthday or anniversary, but sometimes buy her something without any reason. Or just bring her cup of coffee, or one rose, or something like that. Every woman loves attention and those little things, so surprise her when she doesn’t expect it.

-Be honest.

Never lie to her. Be honest in every situation. No one likes when someone is lying to them.

-Listen to her.

Just listen to her and be there for her. She doesn’t need answers or advice, she will figure it out alone. But if she wants to talk with you or just to tell you something, listen to her. She really wants you to listen.

-Go shopping with her.

I know that is hard for you to go shopping with her, but if you are not busy, go with her. You can give her advice, and you can help her pick out clothes. Behave like you want to be there. She will appreciate it.

-Kiss her in public.

Every woman loves to be kissed in public. Kiss her in front of people, take her hand, pull her close, look into her eyes. Show the world that you are proud of having her in your life.

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