It’s Time to Let Your Old Life Go

let your old life go
Written by Selma

Everyone wants to improve their liveswe want to make new friends, start learning a new language, start exercising, get more money, or lose weight… No matter what your goals are, the point is you want to get your life started. In order to achieve any of your goals, you have to let go of your past habits and introduce some important changes in your life. Maybe you know it’s time to let something or someone go, but you are afraid and terrified of change. You shouldn’t be. You are the ruler of your own life, and it’s about time you take things in your own hands and take control of your destiny.

However, that is the irony of life. In theory, everybody wants to change, but they resist the actual changes. But, how can you know what and who is out there if you never leave your safe place? How can you know what all the great things are that you are missing out on because you decided to stay in your comfort zone? People in general don’t like changing things in their lives and are scared of it.

Sometimes, you will stay in a bad relationship or at an unsatisfying job just because you feel secure and familiar there. You are afraid of leaving an emotionally abusive relationship because you think you will end up alone, your self-esteem is low, or you think nobody else will come along. You are afraid to cut off some people from your life who have a negative impact on you because you are familiar with them, and they are a part of your comfort zone. But, deep down you know that you need to change some crucial things about your life. You keep promising yourself that you will take action and make your life better, but you never actually do it. The sooner you accept that change is necessary, the sooner you will make some improvements in your life.

But, in order to make some necessary changes in your life, the first thing you have to do is to let go of the past. Most people believe that holding on and hanging in are the biggest signs of strength. But, there are life situations in which it takes much more bravery and strength to know when it’s time to let go and to actually let go. If you hold on to the past, you can never look forward and turn to your future. You need to let go of all the things and people who are holding you back. You need to distance yourself from negative people who don’t allow you to improve or progress. Don’t ever feel guilty for doing that. You need to put yourself first and take care of yourself.

If you let go of someone who is not good for you, it doesn’t mean you don’t care about that person anymore. It just means you care about yourself and your personal well-being. It means you realize that you can’t change or control anyone and that the only person you really have control over is yourself. Letting go only means that you have come to the realization that some people were a part of your life and will forever remain a part of your history, but they are not a part of your destiny nor a part of your future.

When you want to change some important things in your life and let go of your old life, sometimes that means that you have to change and reinvent yourself completely. Learning how to forgive is one of the most important steps in letting go. When you are in the process of letting someone go, never hate that person. Everything you hate cages you and when you hate someone, you become a mental prisoner of that person.

Resentment is never good and will never allow you to move on or to make changes in your life. You need to realize you cannot change the past nor can you change some people. Focus on changing and improving yourself and focus on the present and on the future. Let what has happened in the past to stay in the past. Unless you let go, unless you forgive everyone, unless you forgive the situation, and most importantly, unless you forgive yourself, you can never move forward. It’s time to let your old life go.

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