People Who Come From Rural Areas Are More Successful

Written by Chloe M.

If you look at it from a surface level, it just doesn’t make sense. Many people who come from rural areas have little to no money, but they become successful. They had a tough childhood and saw how their parents work hard for a small salary. As a result, they realize they need to study hard and work hard to become more successful. Well now, if you dig a bit deeper, it makes a lot of sense that people who come from rural areas are more successful.

For people who come from rural areas, love is overrated.

They come to cities to study, work, and make money. All they care about is making money, so their happiness is the last thing on their minds. I’m not saying they are not happy, they are. They are achieving their goals, and the main goal for them is to become successful. However, they don’t spend their precious time on going out, but on reading and studying.

Their goal is to make money so they can provide a better future for their families. They want to provide their kids with the thing they never had. That’s what inspires them the most.

Difference between people who come from rural areas and those who live in towns and cities.

People who live in towns and cities were taught to do what they love. Their parents and their teachers encouraged them to follow their dreams. However, to become an astronaut they need to study hard, but with a lot of joy out there, their dreams fail. And they stuck at some point at the colleges and actually work at some jobs they don’t love.

But, people who come from rural areas were taught to study and work hard for a better future. They follow the rule, do what they want, and be the best in it.

They try to figure out how to work more hours.

Instead of trying to figure out how they can work fewer hours each week, they try to figure out how they can work more hours. Actually, a lot of them choose to have two full-time jobs, even if it means they are working eighty hours every week. Working like this doesn’t give them the best quality of life, but it gives them the opportunity to have a better future.

Employers love people who come from rural areas.

People who come from rural areas are motivated to be the best at the job they do. At their homeplace, they didn’t have the opportunity to prove themselves. But, when they got the opportunity to work, they will work hard and be the best in the job they do.

We can see a lot of people who come from rural areas launching their own company.

They stick together.

They help each other succeed, from providing free temporary living accommodations to helping them to find a job.

There is nothing wrong with being frugal.

They know that it is really hard to earn money, so they save it. Actually, they are not afraid to ask for discounts. They are buying things they really need. However, they are looking for sales everywhere. They will always find ways to save money.

Even when they become rich, they don’t buy expensive things. Being frugal becomes their habit.

For them, education is everything.

The one thing that increases your odds of success is having a good education. For people who come from rural areas, there is no excuse for not going to college. They believe that it is never too late to go to school. And there are a lot of them who go to college in their 30s. They are not ashamed of that because they want to be educated and to become successful.

They never take “no” for an answer.

If someone tells them no, it just means “not right now.” Later on, that “not right now” can turn into a yes.

When they can’t find jobs, they say that they can volunteer. They work hard, and in the end, employers decide to hire them.

Just because someone tells you “no” doesn’t mean that you can’t change that to a “yes.”

They rarely complain about their life.

For them, there is nothing to be sad about. Life is good in their eyes. They work hard, have homes, their kids are getting a good education, their families are happy, and they are successful.

People who come from rural areas are successful because of their beliefs and the way they were brought up. We can all learn a few things from them and become successful.


My mother said to me, ‘If you are a soldier, you will become a general. If you are a monk, you will become the Pope.’ Instead, I was a painter, and became Picasso.

-Pablo Picasso

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