Difficult Roads Lead To Beautiful Destinations in Life

You may think that this is the dumbest thought, especially if this is the time when you are struggling with some tough times. Fine, it’s just fine. There is no person alive who didn’t have to worry about something. Those situations, though, always turn to be not that bad as we thought they would. Every time we expect it to be bad, somehow it turns into a miserable case, and you become happy when it is over. You remained alive.


    Living a life, which includes to love and to connect to people (both family and partner), means that there are necessarily some difficult circumstances. That’s how the world works. But there must be something that would give you strength. It is important to know that after all those disappointments—failures and agonies—there will come a time which would lead you to a beautiful destination.

    There is a saying that goes, “Falling down is an accident. Staying down is a choice.” Many times you experience something bad, which makes you not want to get up, but to stay deep down in a hole, because that is the easiest way. If you stay down, there are no more fights for you. Unfortunately, that hole isn’t the place that will give you something good out of life. Staying down means you won’t get far in this life. So, again and again, you get out of the hole and start over.

    Failures are normal and, as we said, they happen to everyone in so many ways. But, there must have been some kind of encouraging fighting through tough conditions. Whatever it is, you have to find a way to let it go, and then, once the issue is behind you, you should make a decision, or better to say, learn something from that what happened to you.

    The results of each situation are either ups or downs. Some of those you couldn’t solve. Now is not the time, but when the time comes, it will have an ending. Whatever the end is, you better be sure it is going to be just fine, similar to the way of life that you choose. No matter how strenuous the roads are, they often lead us to beautiful destinations.

    You want to make it easy, to make it over, or at least make it on your way. But that is not what happens.

    It is not important what is on your way on this day—just try to remember these three concepts, and let them be your guide when you are making decisions about people you care for.

    1. Don’t let barriers to stop you.

    Just fight against them. You will win any fight, every time you try hard and continue to believe that you can do it. You don’t give up, you are not a coward. Give your best to go through any problem, don’t run away, don’t stay in a hole, and you will have a successful life.

    1. Have a distinction between giving up and knowing when it is enough.

    Giving up is not something we should do, no matter what it is about. As we said, there has to be a way to solve the situation, or it will be solved by itself.

    But on the other side, there are some circumstances where we just put a point. We are done with struggling in those situations, we simply know it is enough, and so we are giving up.

    1. Give up on those you care about, but who don’t return concern.

    It takes a lot of time to figure out that, for example, your feelings are not returned. You give your best to save some relationships, but you are the only one who fights for it to last. To breathe again with full lungs, you have to give up on those people. Only if they try to save your relationship, give them another chance. Not more than one. One is just fine for them prove themselves.

    After some time, and with using this simple guide, your problems won’t be that big. You will find a way to solve each situation, with ease. It will, certainly, lead you to a beautiful destination, which you have been waiting for so long.

    Difficult Roads Lead To Beautiful Destinations in Life


    About the author

    Kirsten Blackwood

    A mental health writer and advocate. Currently I write about depression. My work has always been centered around health as I previously worked at a variety of healthcare-focused agencies. I wanted to help people who were struggling with an illness or disability, but often times didn’t feel the work I was doing was providing the right voice to the people I was trying to help. Here, I can connect to you in your journey by encouraging you to share the good, the bad, and moments in-between.