5 Tips On How To Stay Out Of The Friend Zone

Written by Aveline

Ladies and gents all over the internet have been pouring out their frustrations with this horrid thing known as the friend zone. But, they might not be aware that the reason their relationship with their crush is maintaining purely platonic levels is something they are not doing right. We are happy to say there are ways on how to stay out of the friend zone. With a smidge of bravery combined with these tips we have for you, we hope you will be successful in getting the guy or a girl of your dreams.

  1. Don’t wait to ask them out

It is much easier to turn a failed date into a friendship than the other way around. Going from friends to lovers is not as easy. Time is the most important factor here. If you meet a person and you feel attraction exists between you two, it is important to act on it right away and arrange a date. We understand that shy ones among you might want to take your time to meet the person before making a step. But it is a fact that the longer you wait, chances are bigger that any attraction your crush might have felt towards you in the beginning has dissipated to the levels where they are just too comfortable with you to see you as anything other than a friend. Don’t hesitate, because that’s not how to stay out of the friend zone!

  1. Don’t be too self-disparaging

Or silly! Yes, not taking yourself too seriously or cracking a joke on yourself is a good thing, very humorous. But save those kinds of jokes for after you have scored a date. Everyone loves silly, and a lot of us use that as a tool to be perceived as more likeable to others. It works—if you are looking to find new friends. But when it comes to attraction, it’s more likely they will go for the mysterious type than for the person constantly clowning around. So, we agree on the fact that humor is very charming, but you might want to hold it back at the beginning to prevent them from getting too comfortable, once again.

  1. Make yourself less accessible

If you are available to them at all times, ready to be an emotional support or any other kind they might need, be prepared to be permanently stuck in the platonic relationship you’re trying to avoid. That is not how to stay out of the friend zone. You will be just another friend they call when they’re bored, lonely, and hurt. While you might think that being one call away from them is getting you somewhere, think again. They are probably using your sweet, supportive, friendly self to take their mind off of that one person they can’t stop thinking about. So, make yourself unavailable to them as anything else but a potential new romance. It is better to be rejected than to keep harboring romantic feelings towards a person who has none for you.

  1. Don’t mute your advances

Subtle is usually good, but not in this case. Chances are your flirting skills might be just a little too mellow and your crush hasn’t even noticed you were trying to flirt. We cannot possibly read each other’s minds, so step it up. Make it obvious you are interested in them, leaving no place for suspicion. True, there is some risk of being embarrassed if your crush rejects the advances. It is worth it though, for you will at least know where you stand with them.

  1. Form a physical connection

This is a sensitive step, for multiple reasons. All of this is about figuring out how to stay out of the friend zone, but if it does not feel friendly enough between you two, it might not be a smart idea to engage in any form of physical contact. They might get weirded out, and it will feel very awkward if they are not on board with it. So start small. Casual hand on their back, hands brushing together while you’re walking side by side, kiss on a cheek instead of hello and see you later. When you’re sitting with friends or, even better, by yourselves, lean your head against their shoulder. Pay attention to their reactions. If they are comfortable with that kind of contact, it won’t be long before they respond by reciprocating and maybe even taking it one step further.

And there you are, one step closer to being out of the friend zone.

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