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10 Things He Does That Show He’s Really Into You

he's really into you
Written by Deborah Carbone

There is this cute guy you and your friends have been hanging out with a lot lately. You are attracted to him and would like to go out on a date, but you are not quite sure if he is into you. You two have been talking, he is always smiling when he sees you, sometimes you catch him looking your way from a distance. How do you make sure he is not just being friendly and if he’s really into you?

  1. He can get nervous around you

If you see him taking deep breaths when he is about to approach you, fidgeting nervously, or swiftly looking away when you catch him looking at you, it is a good sign. It means he really cares about the impression of him you might have and he wants it to be a good one.

  1. He listens to you

He will be genuinely interested in what you have to say and he will encourage you to talk about yourself. When he talks about himself, he will be curious of your opinions on certain matters. This still might be a sign he is just a very friendly person, but nevertheless, he is showing interest in you, and that could be a good start.

  1. He is interested in your likes

Maybe you are a person with artistic tendencies, you like everything that involves creativity, while he is an athlete or interested in science. Your interests are complete opposites, yet he still shows a great deal of curiosity about yours. He might even suggest you help him get acquainted with some of your hobbies, thus ensuring some alone time with you and bonding. Make sure you reciprocate next time!

  1. He always finds time for you

He will use every chance he gets to see you, even when he is busy. Maybe he was in your neighborhood with a friend, or maybe he happened to pass down your street while running an errand. He will text you to let you know he is there and he would like to meet you, because all he wants at the moment is to spend more time with you, getting to know you.

  1. He keeps you close

Physically, I mean. Whether you are in big company or by yourself, he will try to sit a little bit closer to you. Maybe he will ”absently” put his hand around your shoulders or lightly brush your hand while you are having a conversation. Any of those are a sure sign he is into you.

  1. He talks about you

While talking with someone from your group of friends, you might realize he has been mentioning you to others. Or maybe, while walking through the city, you will bump into some of his friends and it will be obvious they already know who you are. That is a great sign, because you know you have been annoying your friends to death by talking about him all the time. You know what that means. Him telling his friends about you is a clear sign he likes you too.

  1. He opens himself to you

We are all aware of how much easier it is for girls to open up about feelings. For guys, not so much. They tend to be more reserved about it. When you notice he has started opening up to you, be aware that it is a great thing. Your conversations are not boring and shallow, they are deep and meaningful. It means he sees you as something more than just a friend and he puts his trust in you.

  1. He is all smiles when he is with you

Something about you causes him to have this dopey grin on his face. He laughs to all of your jokes, even the incredibly stupid ones. It seems he just can’t take the smile off of his face. You are making him happy and it is a great thing.

  1. He invites you to future events

There is this concert he really wants to go to, but it is in two months, or his friend is planning this big birthday party next month. He still decided to already invite you to come with him and it is an obvious sign he’s planning on sticking around for quite a while.

  1. He will eventually tell you

He will do all these little things trying to show you how he feels about you. When he is finally sure you like him back, he will tell you, loud and clear, how much he really likes you.

10 things he does that show he's really into you