Anxiety can be really tough. Everyone around you is smiling, laughing, and talking, but you can’t force yourself to have fun with them. You are afraid that no one would not understand the agonizing and traumatic depth of social anxiety disorder. You don’t have to feel aloneyour condition is shared by one out of every ten people. Here are the most common things for those who are struggling with social anxiety disorder.

You would rather stay at home, because it is your idea of a great evening.

You don’t want to go out, not even for dinner, because you just don’t want to walk in and be around all those people. For you, it is a big problem to become the initiator of social conversation. And it is much easier to communicate when you don’t have to do it face to face.

You avoid parties because you are always the first one to leave.

You are convinced that everyone at that party is judging you, so you try to find a reason and excuse to leave early. But if you don’t find an excuse, you will just spent rest time somewhere alone. If someone introduces you to others, you can’t find the right words—you are just afraid to talk with them. So they soon leave for more interesting conversation, and you feel alone again.

One or two friends are enough. You don’t really want any more, and you do not seek new relationships. Also, you are fine if you don’t see your friends often. They call you to join them, but you find excuses for not coming. Because you only want to be with them when there are no other people, you enjoy when it is just the few of you.

You don’t go out to lunch with your co-workers.

You would rather take your lunch to work than go to out with your co-workers. Whenever they call you, you find an excuse for not coming. Actually, you are just fearful, but you just cannot explain why.

You are afraid to talk to other people.

You just unable to contribute to conversations. Sometimes you have something good to share, but you are just too afraid that someone will criticize you. Instead, you would rather just not talk.

You look tired all the time.

Anxiety is just too exhausting. You are feeling tired, and you look tired all the time. And your only escape is sleeping.

Physical reactions are common.

Whenever you are in uncomfortable social situations, you experience sweating, rapid heartbeat, and heavy breathing. And you are sure that everyone around you notices these reactions, so you just want to remove yourself from these situations.

You don’t like being in the same room with too many people.

Actually, every noise, smell, or bright light overwhelms you. You feel like you are bombarded by too much at once. You would rather choose places where there are not too many people. Otherwise, you find a way to remove yourself from situations that are making you uncomfortable.

You are not able to deal with a situation where a lot of people are talking.

You don’t like to leave your comfort zone, where you feel safe. Other people might think that you are rude or something like that, but you actually have a strong desire to be a part of the social experience. But your anxiety is a little bit stronger.

You think everyone is thinking only about you and your appearance.

You are convinced that everyone is judging you about your hair, your dress, or other physical features. But you have to know that everyone else has their own issues, their own priorities, and that you are not on their mind.