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7 Signs He Truly Loves You

Written by Deborah Carbone

From the moment you fall in love for the first time to that time when you know finally found the man you want to spend your life with, the same question always lingers: ”Does he really love me?” Even after you have heard it cross his lips so many times, the question is still there. It might have something to do with being aware that a lot of times words are just words and actions are what really counts. Here is a little list of signs he truly loves you.


    1. He is very protective of you

    Now, be aware that being protective and smothering you is not the same, though we believe you will know the difference. From the time cavemen roamed the Earth, the instinct to protect was deeply embedded in men’s core. They have kept that instinct, but now he will not only want to protect you physically, he will do his best to equally protect your heart and soul—it is his way to show you, love.

    1. He makes sure you know his intentions, loud and clear

    Love is more than just a feeling. Love is letting your partner know that you will not run when things get complicated, making it obvious you are not going to abandon them. And love is wanting that person just the way they are and accepting them, letting them know you will take their best and their worst. This is exactly what your man will make sure you know and won’t forget. Love is a commitment, and he will go out of his way to prove he is committed to you, always.

    1. He puts you first

    A loving man always puts his woman first, her dreams and preferences are a priority to him because her happiness is his happiness. Of course, from time to time, he will want to do something for himself, and you should always encourage him to do so, but if he frequently does whatever he wants, whenever he wants it, never checking on you, if he makes you feel like your dreams are less important, that is not love. It is selfish, and love always is, and always should be, completely selfless.

    1. He makes you a better person

    If he thinks you are making a mistake, acting destructive in any way or you are simply not right, he will try to take you out to the right path. There will be no offensive words, no humiliation, no anger. He will try to do it respectfully and gently, not with the intention to criticize you, but to help you realize you are better than that and you are strong enough to make it right. And he will let his feelings towards you lead him, and that will be one of the sure signs he truly loves you.

    1. He has eyes only for you

    He will never make you feel like you are not good enough or compare you with others—being next to him will make you feel like you are the only woman there. And he will let you know you are the best for him and there is no place he would rather be than with you. You will never feel like you are lacking or that he would be happy to trade you with someone else who might be more attractive. As I have mentioned before, he will try to help you become better, but it is not because he is not satisfied with the way you are or the way you look and that he would prefer you are someone else. It is because he sees who you could be.

    1. He will invest as much time as possible in your relationship

    This does not mean he will push everything else to the side, like his career, friends or hobbies, but it means he will not put those things first. Time reserved for you will be his number one priority.

    1. He will say it

    I have mentioned in the beginning, words are not enough, actions are what matters. But, when you take into account all of the above signs that he truly loves you, saying it is all that is left. After proving it and being consistent with his displays of affection, it is still music to every woman’s ears to hear her man tell her how much he loves her.

    7 signs he truly loves you

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