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15 Things Only Best Friends Will Understand

Written by Naida

Having a friend is very important. Having two or three of them means that you are very rich and lucky. You have that one person, or more of them, in any tough situation, to lean on. Friendship is a test of time, and it is important to our mental, physical, and spiritual good. There are not many people who can live without anyone to talk with, cry with, and laugh with. Mostly it happens that your friends are not related to you, which means you appreciate their presence in any situation, more than a few cousins or other family appearances. It is awesome if you have a friend who knows your “other side,” where you act completely ridiculous, but you act like that just in front of that one friend. These are 15 things that only best friends will understand:

  1. You loved your ex-boyfriend.

You had something like a toxic relationship. It was long, and you consider it worthy, so you kept forgiving your boyfriend, and you were giving him chance after chance, hoping that you are not going to lose your partner. Your best friend knows all of this. She knows all about you and your feelings for the man who makes you suffer each day. You can always count on your friend, and even if you are not aware of this, your friend wants you to stop being sad and humiliated, so she always tells you to get over it, but still gives you all the time you need.

  1. When you have a fake smile and laugh.

After a long time without seeing your best friend, your first appearance is with a huge smile on your face. She is someone who would immediately know if something is not fine. And after her question “what’s happening?” you realize that that is your one and only true friend who is capable to see through your smile and recognize fear or pain.

  1. When you have a stressful conversation with your mother.

You just have finished a phone call, visibly upset. It is not appropriate to throw things around the room, but there is your friend who totally gets your disturbance. In those situations, she mostly makes a joke of you being nervous, and so she softens the entire thing.

  1. Your defects are your force.

There is much insecurity that we wish there isn’t. But that’s just life. We are all different, with some good and bad sides. Your friend is someone who is cool with your bad side. Moreover, she likes your stupid behavior, and you being mad. It’s important to work on a frailty so your friend would appreciate you more.

  1. When you need to have fun or to cry.

You break up a relationship, and it happened suddenly. Your friend is someone who can know what exactly you need to recover. In a short time, you are better, asking yourself why you even cried about it. You just get to the point that your friend was by your side during problems. She was there because she cares about you.

  1. Why sad movies make you laugh, but happy movies make you cry.

Your reaction to movies which is kind of unusual is what your friend understands, too. Even if you are weird to the many others, she tries to explain why your reaction is like that, and she convinces you that it is a perfectly fine reaction. True friendship is about justifying your behavior.

  1. Bad jokes.

You two have your own jokes, and you both laugh very hard. It can be any situation, like a matter of family or society, etc. You couldn’t share those jokes with anyone else. There is importance in humor, because the ability to joke about anything with your friend means that you are relaxed together, and you feel fine.

  1. Worst day ever.

After having a tough day at the job or in a school, your friend is someone who will not let you be sad and frustrated. Instead, she will try to make you happy. She will leave you alone if you want, go out with you if you want, or just watch some good movies with you. The only thing you should do is to say what you need.

  1. Your fear of never finding love.

All of your cousins are trying to find you someone appropriate for you to date. You and your friend want to make sure that you dated around enough. Your friend is someone who will listen to your wishes and agree with you that you are young and not ready for marriage. You should live your life, not to fulfill anyone’s wishes.

  1. Run away for a short while.

Your friend is someone who knows when you need to get out of it all for a while. She chooses whether to go with you or not. Either way is fine for both of you. You need a change of landscape and to rest for a little, and your friend is the only person who can come with you. It wouldn’t be your first adventure together.

  1. The simple day can change your mood.

You have your friend who will lighten you up, make you feel young, free, and spontaneous. Your friend is always introducing some fun in everyday life, and you get to see that only when you get old is the time to calm down.

  1. Losing someone close.

Many people have been faced with losing a friend, family member, or someone who we loved. In those situations, it is not only enough to say “it is destiny,” but way more than that. You have your best friend who will be there in that situation. She will let you cry or scream or anything you want. As long time as you need for recovery. She is there.

  1. It’s like you are never separated.

No matter how much time has passed, once you see each other again, it is like you have been together the whole time. That closeness is also very valuable. Friendship is really a test of a time.

  1. There is no dating each other’s exes.

It is like a rule and both of you are aware of that. There is nothing good in dating your friend’s ex, because you would just spoil and downgrade your friendship.

  1. Real friendships last constantly.

Talking to each other and thinking of your future, also wondering if you are going to see each other when you both are old—true friendship is really rare and it lasts a lifetime. When it is about friendship, you have the same opinion. Most of all, you need to appreciate your friendship, and always be a good friend if you want someone to be yours.

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