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10 Things That Can Make Men Go Crazy about You


Every man is different. They have the individuality that they want to have only by themselves, and no one can get it. But even if they are all various, there are some common things that are the same with every one of them. When it comes to the ladies, there are some common thoughts. To be attractive is what they notice immediately.

There are some widespread principles that refer the attraction between women and men, which means trends that show how men go completely crazy about women. These are some of those things that can make men go crazy about you.

  1. Being passionate.

One man cannot find anything as appealing as a passionate woman. She can be passionate about many things, like career, a piece of art, another person, etc. Men realize that passionate women can bring huge amount of love into a relationship.

  1. Knowledge of sports and fitness.

These topics are known as “man talk,” but if you are interested in this stuff, then surely every man will find you attractive. You will show them that you have the same interest as they have, and also it would be a great conversation topic. Locker room talk will drive a man crazy for you.

  1. Cooking mastery.

We all know that love comes across the stomach, and when it’s about men, that is so true. Men are looking forward to a woman who knows how to work in the kitchen and how to make a great meal at home. There is a bright way for a woman, if she knows how to do well in the kitchen. There are not many things that men find sexier than a woman in an apron making a breakfast for her man, after a romantic night spent together.

  1. Don’t plan too much.

Men find it very sexy if a woman is spontaneous. If you try to accidentally show up with a beer or some sandwich he likes, he will go crazy for you, and he will be thankful because you showed him that you care for him. Being foreseeable all the time can make your man get bored of you, and that is not what you would like to happen. Just do a simple job and surprise him when he doesn’t expect. It will make him curious because he is going to wonder what you will do next.

  1. The eyes are the mirror.

If you wore glasses as a kid, perhaps your friends made jokes on your account. Perhaps they called you “four eyes,” or you were struggling because your eyeglasses broke or were lost, so you were left almost blind. However, in the world of adults, especially in men’s world, they find it very attractive if you are wearing eyeglasses. There are some features related to eyeglasses which include reliability, modesty, and intelligence. Many people say that eyes are a window to the soul.

It is also important for a woman to preserve the eye contact during conversations. Looking someone in the eyes means that you have confidence in what you say and how you look. Men are attracted to opinionated women. Eyes can be seductive, so don’t miss the chance to use them the best possible way.

  1. The perfume.

As you are aware, perfume is the key to being attractive to men. They find it incredibly sexy if you smell the way he likes, he then has to turn to you when you pass by. The scent of a woman can enchant any man. Also, men will get the impression that you care of how you behave when you find yourself in public.

  1. Mind.

There is nothing more precious than a clever woman who can lighten the room with her brightness, with an acuity of her mind, and wordiness of her mouth. You have your mind as a contributor to win any man’s heart, so don’t waste that talent.

  1. Intelligence.

It doesn’t have to be that you need to be a powerful weapon to win a man, but when it comes to a long relationship, it can be a keeper of the passion. A man knows that he can lean on an intelligent woman and that she will be there for him.

  1. Be spontaneous.

A woman who likes adventures is the most interesting, since men don’t like boring things. Keeping things fresh and alive means you are keeping them near you. They simply like to try out some new things, and they will prefer a woman with the same interests to go on the adventure with. They don’t like overly sensitive women, but women who know how to have fun.

  1. Bite your lips.

Being flirty means many things, but the most attractive thing is when a girl bites her lips while playing. It would make a guy crazy. You are showing him your play-side and provoking him to kiss you. But remember don’t bite too strong, no one likes to see or taste blood.

10 Things That Can Make Men Go Crazy about You