Are you really just a grandma in the body of  20 something?

Sometimes is hard to be in the 20s. We have so many things to do and not any time for all of them, and not enough time to sleep as much as we need. We’ve been really busy during the week so when the weekend comes, we don’t want to do anything but staying home and watching TV. Those things we like to do are not wrong. But we’ve skipped over all those endless years slaving away in an office and went straight to retirement. What to say. Good life.

Here are some signs that prove you that you’re actually a 20 something grandma:

A bun is always a better option.

It’s not quite important is your hair short or long. The thing is that it requires so much time (precious time)  to deal with it so we rather choose a simple hairstyle- a bun. Whether your hair is short or long, it’s just too much to deal with it.

Glasses over contacts.

Even if we do wear our contacts during the day, the first thing we do when we get home is taking them out and put on our glasses. And on the weekends? We totally forget about them. Maybe because we stay at home. But without a doubt, glasses are much easier to carry and require less maintenance. So we literally live in our glasses.

New recipe-can’t wait to try it.

On a Friday night, we rather choose to stay home and try some new recipe than to go out. What a wild Friday night. The most exciting plan we can have for the Friday night is watching a movie and to eat what we made.

Pajamas –  our uniforms.

Our biggest luxury is our old pajama. During the day outside the house, we’re disguised as a 20 something, but we just can’t wait to get home and just wear our uniform.

Technology – just not our thing.

Everything we know to do is turn on/off the TV or our laptop. Simple as that.

8 p.m. – time for bed.

Maybe we’re not going to sleep but we are surely in our bed with a laptop or a good book. The day was so long and exhausting so getting back into bed is our best option.

Food – our thing.

We just love cooking. Are we really cooking or just heating up some good pre-packed mac-n-cheese boxes, doesn’t really matter. We love to eat and we don’t care much about being healthy and looking good.

Breakfast for dinner?

After a long day, we want to eat something tasty, delicious and easy. So we choose a few bowls of oatmeal or cereal.

Go and have some good time, I’ll stay tonight.

We are repeating this sentence day after day, night after night. We just think that going out will mess up our sleep schedule.

It’s a little bit cold, isn’t it?

No matter where are we, what are we doing or what season of the year is, we’re always cold. We’re taking our sweater anywhere we go.

Our life is beautiful just the way it is.

We don’t have to go out and have some crazy time to be content with our life. Sociality is not in need. If we want a human interaction people will come to us. We just can’t handle with drunkenness and parties.

Weekends are for relaxing.

Even if we have some important things to do, we will rather let someone younger to do it. Weekends are for sleeping, eating, reading and nothing more. We are going to do something just if it’s possible to do from our bed.

Back in the good old days…

How many times we catch ourselves saying “Back in the good old days”? We start to talk about life like we have already lived through it.