Women are often in touch with their self. As a female, I know that women are often very aware of their own behavior, but when a personality is clouded by narcissism, it often takes self-obsession to a new level. A narcissist is someone with an excessive obsession with themselves and their looks. They tend to think a lot of themselves, and don’t like to let people get a word in edgeways. While women do tend to have more of an interest in keeping up their looks and devote more time to it, it really is a new level when narcissism is involved. So what is a narcissistic woman like? There are some very key factors that make up a narcissistic woman. Here are a few.

What is a narcistic woman like? Well…

They always believe they’re right

Female narcissists don’t like to be corrected. What they really want is to feel like they know best in any given scenario, and each time this need is threatened, they feel out of control. They’ll stand by their point, even when everyone else is laying out the facts in front of them. They’re stubborn, and would never admit they’re wrong, a classic example of bad behavior. Female narcissists are so self-confident, that they’re set in their ways, and don’t allow other people to influence their opinions. It’s one of the worst traits of their personality, and it doesn’t bode with other women in particular.

They believe they’re the most interesting person in the room

Narcissists like to be the center of attention, and they get confused when someone isn’t paying them any. Women narcissists want and need romantic attention to thrive, but they also want other women to approve of them, as their most common peers. They like to think everyone in the room is interested in them, or that everyone is romantically inclined towards them. They view their self as good company, even if people rarely agree to plans with them. They expect everyone to hang onto their every word, and to laugh at every joke they make, even if they’re not particularly funny.

They believe they’re exempt from the rules of life

They think they can get away with anything. They think they can cheat, lie and bully without having any consequences. They make life what they want it to be and shape their world in the palm of their hands, destroying anything that doesn’t fit with their rules. They have no clue they’re a narcissist, but anyone else will know their narcissism just from their behavior. What is a narcissistic woman like? In short, a nightmare.

They take criticism badly

Narcissists don’t like to be told that they’re doing something wrong or badly, and they take any criticism to heart, especially if they’re female. They would never take time out of their ‘important schedule’ to try and fix their behavior or personality, because they really believe it’s a waste of their energy. They think it’s a personal attack on them, and since they think so highly of themselves, they are always surprised when someone takes them down a peg or two. A narcissist with do anything to protect their self-image, even though it’s actually been destroyed by their narcissism. It’s actually more in their self-interest to drop the act, but it takes a lot of work to make them realize this.

They think they’re good at everything

A narcissistic woman thinks they can handle anything. Though this can be a good thing and can lead them to be ambitious, they tend to boast about their skills, even when they’re not particularly impressive. They’re certain that they are better too. When they see someone excelling, they become jealous and claim they could do exactly what they’re doing. It can also cause competition to be the ‘perfect female’ – there’s a lot of pressure nowadays to be the best, and narcissistic women will often see their own gender as the biggest competition. They feel the need to be the best of the best, and will make it their job to take down anyone in their way.

They believe someone else is always the one at fault

They won’t take responsibility for the things they do. They’ll always try and blame someone else for the bad things that happen to them, and they’d never consider that their own actions were their downfall. Women who suffer with narcissism can’t cope with being anything other than flawless, and so they will always act like they can do no wrong, even after they’ve just done something bad. It’s like they don’t recognize their mistakes, and will do anything to cover their tracks. When dealing with women like this, it’s important to ensure they don’t pull you down with them, because any chance they get, they’ll lay the blame on you.