What Does Destroy Mean?

Written by Chloe M.

Destroying, or complete destruction means to completely break something apart. But it doesn’t have to be a physical action. Sometimes it’s emotional. Someone’s life can be destroyed by heartbreak. So what does destroy mean when it comes to love, and how might someone destroy you? Sadly, there are many ways someone can go about it. However, if you’re aware of the signs, you may be able to stop someone before they hurt you too much to recover.

  1. A person might try to manipulate you

A person who is trying to destroy you might try and manipulate you. They might sway you towards doing or saying something you wouldn’t normally to make things harder for you. They might try and turn you against the people you care about so that they can have you to themselves. They’re possessive, but not in a sweet way. They’re obsessive about it, and it’ll make you feel trapped.

  1. A person might insult you

What does destroy mean? When did you last feel completely destroyed? Often, it comes from someone insulting you. They might target your looks, your sensitivity, your career choice, or any matter of things. They’ll only tell you the negatives of yourself, and make you feel like your worthless.

  1. A person might chip away at your emotions

The person who is trying to destroy you will be constant. They’ll keep reminding you of your insecurities, and target the things that seem to hit home with you. They know you well enough to keep mentioning things that hurt you the most, so they can watch you crumble under the pressure of their words.

  1. A person might make you feel small and stupid

Someone who is trying to destroy you will always imply that they’re much better than you in every aspect. They’ll belittle you until you question your own intelligence. They will laugh at you when you get something wrong and try to make it seem like they’re only joking to get off the hook.

  1. A person might make you think you’re not good enough for someone better

When a person destroys you, you feel worthless. But when you try and escape the problem – in other words, the person trying to hurt you – they’ll make you feel like you’re stuck. They will tell you they are the only person willing to love you, and that no one else will ever care about you again. It’s not true in the slightest, but that’s what they’d have you believe.

  1. What does destroy mean? Emotional annihilation

Someone intent on destroying you is relentless. They never stop for a moment. They won’t pause for breath. They will stop at nothing to see you crumble. But now you know exactly what this person is doing, you can escape their grasp. Never doubt yourself – no matter what they tell you, you’re above them. They’re snakes in the grass who only want to see others fail. They fail to succeed so they drag others down with them. Be aware of the signs, and escape as soon as you can.

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