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Stay Single Until You Meet Someone Like This

Written by Karen Clark

There are plenty of good things about staying single compared to being in a relationship with a guy that you just can’t stand. So, prepare yourself to read some of the characteristics of your perfect man. Stay single until you meet someone like this. 

He needs to be the perfect gentleman.
 He will build you up to be a girl who knows how to take care of herself, but also he is a man who isn’t afraid to pick you up whenever you stumble. This man will empower you. He is a man who is living proof that chivalry is not dead. And he is a man who will make you feel like you are his entire world.

He needs to be the man who will protect you from all harm in the world.
But he is also a man who is not scared to expose you to danger and risks, but only when he knows that those risks are what you need to grow up. He is a man who will protect you from any kind of harmful situation without your asking. However, he would be willing to take a bullet for you.

He needs to be a man who will feel proud and happy everytime you want to hold his hand.
When you meet someone who is ready not to treat you like a secret, then he is a man for you. He would be proud to have you at his side; holding his arm. You should only be with the man who would never be ashamed of being seen with you. And never fall into his words: you are only mine and I don’t want to share you with anybody.

He needs to be the man who will gladly introduce you to his family.
He should see that family values are very important for you. And he should understand that you want to know people who raised him to become the man that he is right now, without you asking that from him. If he is not ready for that step, that means that he has not given all of himself in that relationship. That means that you still do not know what you are on with him.

He needs to be the man who takes you out to meet his friends.
He should be the man who wants to include you in all aspects of his social life. And you should be ready to share every aspect of your life with him, including relationships. Because you have to be friends before lovers.

He needs to be the man who actually prioritizes you in life.
He should be the man who is obsessed with your needs. And he should consider you as an important part of his life. You need to know that he is ready to do anything just to make you happy and see you smiling. Respect him, but first, make sure that he respects you.

He needs to be the man who doesn’t try to cheat you or manipulate you.
He shouldn’t be the man who wants to change who you are just to fit his tastes. If he is treating you like some sort of science projects, but also respects your feelings, then he is your perfect man.

7 He needs to be the man who is honest with you.
He should be the man who opens himself up to you and he should allow to himself to be vulnerable whenever he’s around you. It would be great if he is the type of guy who inspires you to be better and do things better. And he should know how to push you up to work harder, and never be complacent.

He needs to be the man who loves you for who you are and not for anything else.

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