You Should Be Happy


We all deserve to be happy and to find out what is true happiness. So here are a hundred reasons why you should be happy.



  1. Someone loves you.
  2. Actually, you are loved by more than you could ever imagine
  3. There are dogs to pet and to cuddle with.
  4. You are able to help someone.
  5. Volunteering for a charity
  6. Being unhappy is a waste of time.
  7. You’re about to fall in love like never before
  8. There’s something you can do better than anyone.
  9. Someone smiled at you today
  10. You are beautiful.
  11. You have cute clothes to wear every day
  12. Chocolate is still existing.
  13. You believe in something.
  14. Someone believes in you.
  15. Being happy makes you a lot more enthusiastic and productive.
  16. Be happy to remain healthy
  17. Music
  18. There are people in your life who love and depend on you
  19. The world needs more happy people
  20. It’s fall and the leaves are about to turn glorious shades of warmth.
  21. You had clean, fabulous clothes to wear this morning.
  22. You’re about to leave a bad relationship
  23. Afternoon naps that take you back to childhood.
  24. Listening to the birds chirping outside.
  25. Starbucks is a thing
  26. You’re less likely to get sick.
  27. The more you focus on the good stuff, the more good stuff you find.
  28. You live in a beautiful world.
  29. Definitely, you should be happy because of puppies.
  30. You are unique, and no one else in the entire universe is just like you are.
  31. Without life, you can not feel love or give love. It is one of the greatest gifts of living.
  32. Milkshakes:
  33. You smell great and look amazing
  34. You work for yourself.
  35. You’re stronger than you ever believed

  36. Vacations or camping or nights out.
  37. Spontaneous road trips.
  38. You are an angel to someone.
  39. Rainbows make you happy.
  40. Grey’s Anatomy/ /Gossip Girl/Pretty Little Liars
  41. Somewhere in the world, a new mom is gazing at her new baby.
  42. Something you’ve been wanting just happened.
  43. Laughing, laughing, laughing
  44. Books
  45. Sunrises and sunsets
  46. Warm, melty chocolate chip cookies.
  47. Freshly cleaned sheets.
  48. Going out and dressing up.
  49. Surprising someone or being surprised.
  50. Surprising someone or being surprised.
  51. Sunny days.
  52. Snow
  53. Rainy days
  54. Highlighting quotes in your favorite books.
  55. Food
  56. Like minded people who get you.
  57. Sex
  58. Everything can change in an instant.
  59. Dancing like an idiot when no one is watching
  60. Mornings when you finally get enough sleep
  61. Watching movies all day
  62. Reading a book you can’t put down
  63. You’re A Good Person
  64. Walking barefoot on the beach or grass
  65. Road-trips with your friends
  66. Cute coffee shops
  67. Realizing how far you have come
  68. Your hair looks good
  69. Shopping
  70. Finding money in your pocket you forgot about
  71. Family
  72. Friends
  73. Husband
  74. Wife
  75. You have running water that is safe to drink.
  76. English accents.
  77. You are someone’s best friend.
  78. Inspirational quotes.
  79. You made a bad decision. Two. A hundred. And lived.
  80. Home
  81. Talking to someone about their favorite things or memories.
  82. Heated blankets
  83. Creative Halloween costumes.
  84. Your happiness is the most important.
  85. High heels
  86. Today could be the best day of your whole entire life
  87. Coffee is a thing
  88. A job well was done.
  89. Someone believed in you when you needed it most.
  90. Hugs
  91. Cuddling
  92. You have hopes and dreams
  93. Somewhere in the world, it is winter right now
  94. Nature
  95. You have the ability to fall in love
  96. Chocolate
  97. Red lipstick
  98. Breakfast in bed
  99. New book smell
  100. Hearing someone’s heartbeat