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How to Get Over Your Boyfriend

Written by Chloe M.

When a break-up leaves you with a broken heart, it’s hard to see how you might ever be happy again. You don’t know how to get over your boyfriend because you’re still in love with him. You don’t want to imagine a future without him, but unfortunately, for now, this is the end. When the only option is to move on, here is how to get over your boyfriend.

  1. Say goodbye to him properly

Make sure that as you’re breaking up, you tell him everything you need to. You won’t be able to think about how to get over your boyfriend until all your feelings are up in the air. Let him know exactly how this break up has made you feel, and how you might be open to a future together when he’s ready.

  1. Write a letter or note about your feelings

There are some things you can’t tell anybody, but you can write about them. Get all of your emotions down on paper. If you have pent up anger about the break-up that you don’t want to take out on him, let the letter be your channel for your angst. Don’t hold back. A letter can be destroyed afterward, and no one will ever know what you write. When you begin to feel you’ve moved on, burn the letters. It’ll feel empowering and like the end of an era.

  1. Surround yourself with friends

Your friends are more important now than ever. Make sure you let them help you through and don’t neglect them. Even though you might feel like being alone for a while, your friends will uplift you and dig you out of your depressive state. The chances are, they’ve been through something similar, and will be able to relate and help you out.

  1. Ask someone you trust how to get over your boyfriend

Perhaps confide in someone older and wiser. Your mom, for example. She will have had breakups in the past, but now she’s in a happier place. Ask her how she moved on and managed to learn to love again. She’ll tell you how to get over your boyfriend and find something new

  1. Have a fling

Plenty of people discover a new-found freedom after a breakup, and the ability to have a casual fling is one of the most fun parts of this new stage in your life. Only proceed with it if you feel completely comfortable, but a fling can be a fun way to forget for a while.

  1. Pack your memories away

Take down your photographs. Change your profile picture. Delete all your old texts, or archive them so you can’t see them. Pack up all your memories and put them in a box. You can keep it like a time capsule, or get rid of it completely. Don’t rush into deleting him from your past – you might regret it someday. But for now, keep that box out of sight, out of mind. You deserve to focus on yourself for a while.

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