How to Find Happiness in Life

Written by Chloe M.

In today’s age, people have lost their paths in a way. Everyone is always rushing somewhere, rushing to get their education, find good jobs, have a good income, have a place to live and finally, starting the family. We do it because we believe all of that will tell us how to find happiness in life, but on the contrary, people today are more and more miserable. Hating their jobs, regretting missed opportunities to enjoy because they were so busy chasing their future happiness, that they forgot to be happy in that moment. How to find happiness in life than in this world where depression, disappointment, and regret are more and more common?

Start by asking yourself what does being happy mean for you? Why are you not living it? Be aware that if you think happiness is something on the outside, you are in for a neverending race, forever trying to catch it and contain it, but when you realize it is inside you, it becomes a guiding thread that should be followed to help you live your best life.

Learn to accept yourself. Self-acceptance and realization that you are good enough just the way you are will be an important step towards happiness because you will stop radiating negative energy and you know how they say: ”You attract what you radiate”. Being visibly happy and spreading positivity around will attract equally positive people towards you and with them, greater happiness. Love them, appreciate them and let them love you back. Be surrounded by their laughter as much as possible.

Learn to let go of negative thoughts. Be aware that nobody is perfect, so you do not have to be either. The only thing you should be is doing your best. Be forgiving towards yourself and others and do not dwell on what cannot be fixed and has already passed. Holding on to it only tortures your mind and drains the energy that would be of bigger use if invested in bettering yourself. Try to always be kind and understanding because you never know what made the person in front of you act a certain way.

Allow yourself to be trusting. There are verses of a poem that said: ”No man is an island, entire of itself, every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.” Meaning is that no person in this world should be alone or wants to be, for that matter. It is true that there are those of us who lean towards having huge amounts of alone time and enjoy it very much, but even they are in need of human interaction so they make sure to have a select few people in their life that make them feel good and fulfilled. But that level of openness only comes with people you trust. So allow yourself to be trusting, to let people in your world because everybody needs somebody.

Be present in this moment, live right now. Do not worry about the future and stop replaying negative events in your head. Now, I do not mean you should bring reckless decisions that might put your future in jeopardy, but do not torture yourself so much with what it might hold in store for you. Be aware and accept that everything is impermanent. Find it in yourself to be grateful for every day of your life, for every moment you get to breathe in and see the sky. Enjoy being alive.

Choose to be healthy. I know it sounds like a feat in today’s world where everything is overprocessed and you never know what you might be ingesting or soaking in through your skin, but that is not the only way to do it. Try and follow some routine, make sure you sleep enough, wake up a little more early than usual if your job doesn’t already require it. Do not watch television so much and online platforms that have caused this new mania of binge-watching TV shows that take hours and hours out of our days. Sit outside instead, if you can, and read a book, go take a walk or hike. Move a lot and eat as healthy and as green as you can. Reward your body for serving you well.

Do what you enjoy. Maybe you are not in a position to do a job you would prefer and love, but then try and figure out what could be your hobbies. What did you always dream of being, a dancer, a painter, a cake decorator? Then do it, do all of it, even if you are bad at it, does not matter. Do not do it to show it to someone, do not do it to get praise, do it because you want to and have fun in the process because that is how to find happiness in life.

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Chloe M.