The most basic way to explain an introvert would be to say that it is a person who gains energy or recharges while being alone and is depleted of it while interacting with people and is in stimulating environments. I know, sounds like I am talking about batteries, but trust me on this, it can feel exactly like that. But there is more to it, extroversion and introversion occur on a spectrum meaning different people are in different parts of the scale. So, even though introverts mostly share characteristics, each and every one is different and not one of us is completely introverted. One of those characteristics that most of us share are things introverts hate. Hate might be a little too strong of a word but it is damn close to it.

Crowded places full of strangers

It is not that we hate people or interact with them, it is just that we cannot stand the crowd. Standing next to people you do not know and who have no sense of personal space, nor do they care, can be a real annoyance, a nightmare even. We will be ecstatic for spending time with people we care about, but will keep wishing it was just us with that group of friends. Overstimulation, meaning people pushing you while passing by, wild lights, the noise coming from twenty different directions, all of it combined with being forced to keep up small talk with acquaintances of our friends who we have never seen before can be very much like a death sentence.

Small talk is exhausting, but it does not mean we cannot be talkative and we dislike the communication. We simply dislike the idle conversations and prefer intimate and deeper ones. Which brings us to this next one among the things introverts hate.

Talking on the phone

Personally, I do not know if it stresses me out more when the number is unknown or when I actually know who is calling and what comes next. If you are calling for a simple chat to see how are things and what is new in life, it might be a better idea to text the introvert because it is certain that picking up the phone will be dreaded or even completely avoided. When it comes to expected calls, where the topic is already known or there is a pressing issue to be discussed, feel free to call, otherwise, a message is preferred because it gives us time to gather our thoughts and be ready to interact.

Always being labeled as too quiet or shy

I am not quiet, nor shy and especially not antisocial. When we feel we have something to say and are actually comfortable enough to talk, we can be quite talkative. You might even wish we stop talking (and I might or might not be speaking from personal experience there). Also, in our minds, there is no such thing as being too quiet, most of us simply do not feel the need to share every thought or emotion they have. We very much enjoy just silently observing others and their behaviors while noticing things other people would not.

Always being told we should go out more

I am fine with a number of my outings, thank you for your concern. We go out when we feel like going out when we feel recharged and ready to interact with the world. We are not lonely if we are alone. It is a high chance that out of ten times our friends invite us somewhere, we will decline eight times. In that regard, it might be hard for people to have an introvert as a friend, especially for extroverted people because they might perceive it as rejection.

It is most certainly not the case, just because we are in a stage of basking in our solitude, does not mean we do not enjoy your company anymore and furthermore, does not mean we want you to stop inviting us to places. We value your wish to spend time with us and means a lot when we are accepted with our needs, just the way they are.

People thinking introverts lead boring lives

Our lives are not boring, uneventful or unfulfilled. We are simply okay with doing things alone. Be it training, watching movies (even in a movie theater), going on hikes, sitting in coffee shops with a book and a nice cup of tea and all sorts of fun hobbies. All thanks to very rich inner lives we lead as well as having contemplation and introspection come across as something that is natural for us, just like breathing.