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These 6 Signs Will Reveal if You are an Overthinker

Written by Naida

There are people who consider an overthinking can be a benediction for ones and irresistible for others. To be an overthinker means that you mostly have a hard work to face some spontaneous decisions. In those cases, you would rather leave someone to make that decision for you. For example, when you are dressing in the morning, you have a tough decision what to wear, considering that you start to think of any situation that could possibly happen during the day in which you may not be properly dressed. Those situations can use you up.

But when it is about some assignment or a project, you can easily go through them. These signs will reveal if you are an overthinker.

1. Small talks are not your favorite.

After the first contact with someone, you can expect some kind of getting to know each other which includes small talks. You still don’t trust the person you are talking to, so you are not likely to open up yourself and talk about your private things. You always think about your speech so you are rather going to avoid one simple conversation.

2. You are hesitant.

For example, waking up in the early morning to choose what to wear that day is because you are an overthinker and indecisive. You like to make a plan for every situation, and you find tough even a simple ordering of food. When it comes to working, your long making decisions can affect it. It also can annoy people around you in any other circumstances. If the situation is not serious and so important, then just try to decide quickly and just go with it.

3. There is no detail that can pass by you.

People who are oriented to details have a tendency to be prosperous. Also, they can be annoying. If there is nothing, not a single detail that you don’t think about, you can easily stop accidental things to happen. Moreover, this way of acting and paying attention to every single thing can make some other problems happen, which wouldn’t happen in the opposite. So if you really have to think about some details, try to focus on more important ones.

4. You need the advice for everything.

All situations you find yourself into, you wait to hear about others opinion. If you can’t even buy a simple piece of clothes without asking your friend, or whoever you trust to, then that is the sign of being an overthinker. Having someone’s opinion is good from time to time, but do not exaggerate. All of this is very like being hesitant.

5. You have the inability to sleep.

Overthinking causes having a hard time to sleep. Even if the room is completely quiet, you struggle with insomnia. You may spend even hours and hours thinking of all situations, that perhaps happened that day and wonder if they could be better. Try to put those thoughts away, because your bed is not placed where you get to think about it, but place where you can completely rest. If you find yourself thinking about past events, try to turn on the TV or play some music to relax. It will get your mind to rest from everything, and it will make you sleep peacefully.

6. You don’t give up.

At the workplace or working on some projects, you simply don’t let anyone help you. You feel that you can do it all by yourself. You are afraid that someone will not have the same thoughts as you do, and in that case, project or work will be, conditionally stated, destroyed. Those situations should not happen, but an overthinker likes to do all the job all by himself.

An overthinker, as we said, does not miss anything. It is good for work because you can easily notice some traps, which other people miss. Overthinker hardest part is to find out when it is time to stop thinking that much, especially about ordinary things. People usually find overthinkers annoying, but they are really good people.

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