1. While time passes, your partner drastically changes.

This happens if you started your relationship in your mid-twenties, and now, when it is time to take some responsibilities, you need to look at your partner and see if he is the one. That person you had fun with, besides that needs to have some other qualities, which you didn’t have to notice at the beginning. You suddenly have to make sure that the partner you choose to be with, is that person you can talk to, about some serious and meaningful things like it is work, family or any other problem. Important things changes because we are growing old.

2. Finding your profession is more important than marriage.

If you are able to find the right career for yourself, then you can be truly happy. Choosing the job you like and want, can help you to progress and learn new things. It will also motivate you to be better and wiser person so you don’t have to depend on love to be happy. One more important thing is that your partner will respect you more if you are successful at what you do.

3. You learned a lot from modern dating.

Modern dating often sucks, but it teaches you so many things. After some dating, you find out quite new things about you and about the person you were dating with. You are learning who you want to spend your time with. Also, you learn how to love yourself. It means that you don’t necessarily need to be with someone, in order to be happy. You can be perfectly fine alone instead of having someone who is treating you wrong or someone who doesn’t know if he would be in a relationship or not.

4. Make sure you have some good friends.

It is just well known that there are very few people who can live without friends. You need to make sure that you choose right friends. The better they are, the better your life is going to be. Any situation is much easier to handle if you have friends to help you go through it. You just keep in mind to select them wisely and they will always be your support.

5. Don’t settle.

Being in a relationship that is not good for you for the price of not staying single is wrong. Okay, so your friends are married but don’t date someone because of thinking that someone will judge you because of being single. You don’t get to stay with someone who doesn’t love you, in order to not be alone.
6. Get to know yourself before getting married.
Being unstable and get married in that time of your life could cause that you see your relationship like it is the main source of fortune, without asking yourself if it really is. You simply follow your partner and count that you are happy.

7. Kids are a sword with two blades.

Maybe you heard that it is not rare to happen that a couple divorced just after having a child. Decisions like this are often made to save the marriage, but it happened just the opposite. Having kids could be a test to assign how strong one marriage is. If you are not ready to take care and responsibilities, you are setting your marriage to disaster.

8. Your married friends will remain yours.

The biggest misapprehension of all is that you are going to lose your married friends. After they pass the honeymoon phase, they will get back in normal daily life, and they will be available again.

9. You can be by yourself.

Today is actually a privilege to be single. There are so many things you can do on your own. You can either buy a house, a car or you can travel somewhere you always wanted. Any of those things you can do without anyone’s approval. You are able to do whatever you want, and you can be whoever you want. Independence is just great.

10. Marriage should not be an answer.

If you have not learned to love yourself, and how to be happy on our own, you sure will not be able to after getting married. You need to discover your own happiness before becoming someones. Explore the things you enjoy and make you joyful and what doesn’t.

I learned to love myself. We are all important to ourselves before becoming important to someone else. What we experience, feel and do, are only things that can complete us.