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8 Signs to Suspect a Cheat

Written by Naida

Did you ever suspect your partner is cheating on you? You do not want to exaggerate, but you just feel that he is hiding something from you. In most cases your instinct is not wrong, indeed something is really not right and sucks. It is good to know and find out which are the most common signs to suspect a cheat.

He is acting weird.
Your partner is recently avoiding you. When you ask him just one simple question, for example, what was his day like; he gets upset and nervous, hiding his look and trying to change the subject. You know your partner better than anyone, so you can suspect that he remains silent about something. It would be the best if you try to find the time and ask him, without attacking, what it is actually about.

He hides messages from you.
When you are spending some time together, your partner takes care of where his cell phone is. He never separates from it, he carries it even on the toilet. As soon as you get close to him, while he is on his laptop, he immediately logs out of mail or Facebook. You can’t get rid of thoughts that he is hiding something; otherwise what could possibly be a problem. Why can’t he leave his cell phone next to you, even for two minutes? Those situations can be very irritating and worrying. This sign is really obvious to suspect a cheat.

Not for plans.
While you are delighted by the idea of a mutual weekend and looking forward to having a great time of being together, he does not even share your enthusiasm, indeed he is not happy and thrilled at all. It is obvious that he does not really go right. But if you ask him about his behavior, you will be someone who imagined something that is not true. Just remember that what you do, means more than what you say.

Partner is not interested in intimacy.
Can you remember the last time he kissed you, or hug you, but not like by the way. We talk about a real passionate hug and kiss. Perhaps this could be the most obvious sign that he is hiding something from you, and that something is definitely not right.

His scent.
Female intuition is awakening by the smell of trace. If a partner comes home and goes to the bathroom right away to have a shower, but usually it is not his ritual, then you have all rights to ask him some questions.

Change of look.
Increasingly frequent going to a hairdresser, shaving and buying new clothes could make you ask yourself if everything is good. Your partner has a completely new look. It can be also possible that he wants to show himself in the best light.

You get a lack of attention.
At the beginning of the scam, partner usually shows greater interests to his girlfriend or wife, because of the guilty conscience. Then he gets to phase where he neglects you, sometimes even with occasional provocation, sarcastic remarks or finding faults in his partner. He accepted the double life and he leads it successfully.

The big change in sexual life.
As mentioned before about intimacy, your partner changes his sexual habits. He either brings in new poses and he is experimenting with unfamiliar accesses, or he gets lack of interest in your sexual life. Both of this signs proves that there have been some sever changes in your relationship and it is the time to suspect a cheat.

If you recognized your partner in any of these signs it is normal to suspect a cheat and if that phase lasts, it is time to talk to him. You have to make a decision about your future. Do not kid yourself that things will be solved by themselves.
You need to catch liar at least a few times. They usually try to tell you the same story several times, but in a different way, and eventually, he will be lost in lies. Signs are all around you, and even if you are in love, open up your eyes, don’t stay blind. A relationship full of scams is not something you deserve. Everyone needs a partner who will be loyal and who will love you only. A cheat is a betrayal and seldom who can go through it.

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