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10 Things That You Are Doing Because Of Your Anxiety

because of your anxiety
Written by Peggysue

Sometimes anxiety can be a bad bitch, and because of your anxiety, you are doing some things. But people don’t realize that you are doing them because of that damn bitch.


You obsess over everything- There are no things that you are not obsessed about. Most of those things you are obsessing about would never cross someone’s mind who doesn’t have anxiety. It is really hard to explain to people why those irrelevant things obsess you. It’s hard for them because they don’t suffer from anxiety. Maybe you obsess over some random conversation you had weeks ago or the way someone looked at you. A lot of irelevant things obsess you, but that’s actually your anxiety, not you.


You don’t want to be a burden to anyone- Sometimes, anxiety takes all of your energy. So even when you are super excited about something, about going somewhere. But your anxiety can be so debilitating, so you say no. You don’t have enough energy to leave your room, so you choose to stay. Also, you do not want to be a burden, so you rather stay home.


Worst scenario in every situation- You have a fear of everything. You are convinced that everything will go terribly wrong. Whenever you think about something you have a feeling that everything will fall apart. Fear of accidents when you are driving. Fear of death or that is something really wrong with you when you are sick. And things like that. But others don’t understand your fear, it is silly for them. But for you, it is real fears, because of your anxiety.


Sleeping in is a challenge for you– You have so many things to worry about and contemplate about, so for your sleep is always an issue. Sometimes you are really, really tired, but there is no sleep. Actually, your mind never seems to shut off. You wake up early so you can do everything on time.


You continue to think about every conversation – After every conversation you had, you continue to think about it. And you try to avoid this at all costs, but it is still in your head. And you know that is actually an anxiety, but you have to remind yourself to keep calm because everything is most likely fine. Sometimes this can be really annoying because you replay every conversation over and over in your head.


Future is a big trigger for you You hate to think and talk about future. And when someone asks you about your future plans it cause you to retreat. Everything that is coming for you is really scary and daunting. Also, you think that you are not good enough when people around you talk about their future. Actually future is a big trigger for you. When you have to talk about future you feel like you are having a breakdown.


Unable to do anything but lie in bad- Anxiety sometimes can be so strong, so you can’t do anything except lying in bed crying and crying. You are just to physically and mentally exhausted to do things.And you need a few days off.  A lot of people don’t understand effects of anxiety. But anxiety can have a huge effect on your health.


When others worry about your anxiety, it makes your anxiety ever worse- You hate when others ask you about your anxiety, or when they are worried about you. Because then you think that you have to worry even more. And you know that they are asking because they all mean well for you, but it makes your anxiety even worse.


When you make mistake it consumes your thoughts and you spend all day thinking about it. You are giving your best in everything, but when you do something wrong you get really down on yourself. Sometimes you have feeling your anxiety is your biggest enemy.


You think that you did something wrong- When people don’t reply to you, don’t answer, or just don’t reply right away, you think that you did something wrong. For people who don’t have anxiety it is not a big deal, but for you, it is a huge deal. Because you start to think that everything is your fault, you just can’t help yourself in their situations. But maybe they are just terrible at communication, so do not be strict on yourself. You are doing it, because of your anxiety.


You compare yourself to others-  Always you are comparing yourself to other people. Actually, you don’t want to compare your life, but you can’t help yourself, it is all anxiety. You keep comparing your success to other people, and it is really exhausting.

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