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7 Signs of Being in a Strong Relationship

Written by Naida

A lot of people always wonder about the condition of their relationship, trying to compare it with others. They constantly look around and observing relationships that are failed, asking themselves if their relationships are strong enough to carry on. It is more than normal if you are upset about of the state of your relationship when you realize that close people around you were in the wrong and at the end broken relationships. The break is not easy for anyone. You are aware of this because you personally witnessed breakups that wreak people involved. So you have a hard time trying to never put yourself in that sort of hurtful experience and giving your best by providing that your relationship is not like any other, that it is a strong relationship, and will never end.

Is there a way of being sure whether you are in a good or bad relationship?

All relationships have very different characteristics, so it becomes very difficult when you try to generalize what incorporate a one good and powerful relationship, or a week and breakable one. Since we all have unique personalities, each relationship is about to be different. We bring very particular qualities into a relationship. And at the end, the character of one relationship, as a whole, is a result of how partners in a relationship can bring together their personalities into a single unity.

From time to time connection between two personalities is not going to work in order. Even if things started very well at the beginning, many couples face the problems during the time and become all but functional. As time passes by and you start to show your real face to each other, some real differences in your personalities come to the light. They start figuring out that the relationship will not be as easy as they thought it would be.  After that happens, the whole thing goes on the skid.

However, some relationships become more functional by ages past. Love becomes stronger as partners stay together. It is worth watching. Those couples were always doing things to improve their connection to each other and to make a relationship stronger. These couples don’t have an expiration date.

If you think that you have a healthy and good relationship, you should check if any of these signs could be applied to it. Here are 7 signs of being in a strong relationship.

Have a free and real expression of yourself in front of your partner.

In a healthy relationship, there must be a free and honest conversation to one another. Both of partners need to express themselves. You cannot criticize each other. You have to be a promoter of your relationship by telling your partner true. There is usually no place for secrets.

Space and independence for a healthier liaison.

Boundaries are good. Try to not exceed them, and expect from your partner to act the same way. Respecting each other individuality means that you do have your own lives, but you remain a loving couple.

You feel safe and complete.

Being happy about your relationship and how it is happening, is more than important. You two don’t need to act like in every other ordinary relationship, but you make your own rules and you are so cozy with it. It is more precious to you how you see one another than what other people see about you.

Try to make every decision together.

Making decisions as a team is significant because you two should have the influence to each other. In that case, any important life decision was made well, and both of you are satisfied.

The relationship is about love, harmony, and balance.

Partners in a relationship should promote love, harmony, and balance to have stronger and healthier connection. Love needs to be mutual, so does intimacy. It shouldn’t happen that one side has an excess of affection, and the other one has lack of love.

Be close physically and emotionally.

It is desirable to be intimate with one another. Intimacy is important just like any other part of the relationship. Keep telling your partner of how he is loved and respected.

Confidence and respect are significant.

Deep trust to your partner will make your relationship to last for a long time. Have trust in each other and you will establish a very good connection.

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