3 Things That Prevent You from Being Happy

Being Happy
Written by Selma

We all strive to happiness. Being truly happy is everyone’s ultimate common goal. But, let’s face it, most of us sit around and do nothing to make that happiness happen. Happiness needs to be fought for and deserved, it rarely comes without any effort. You may keep seeing all those happy and satisfied people around you all the time. Then you look at yourself and you see you are everything but happy. But, those people working hard on themselves and on their happiness.

The first step towards happiness is determining the things that make you unhappy. You may be unaware of most of these things, but you need to look deep inside you and question yourself. What are the things that keep holding you back? Who are the people who don’t allow you to be happy? After identifying these things and people and moving away from them, you need to realize that nothing and nobody would be able to distance you from your happiness if you hadn’t allowed it. So, you are the only one responsible for your own well- being. We are usually the ones holding ourselves back and distancing ourselves from our dreams. If you are ready to change some things about your life, take a look at these three things that prevent you from being happy.

  1. Being negative

Face it, life will always put you through different temptations and troubles, but you choose how to deal with those things. Whatever life gives you, if you are positive enough, you can make the best of it. But, if you are pessimistic who looks at everything negatively, you will attract negative people and more negative energy. If you let every small negative thing ruin your mood and affect you emotionally in a bad way, you can’t expect to feel happy most of the time. Because bad things will continue to happen and happen to everyone. Some of the happiest people you know have probably been through some awful things in life. But, they choose to see it as an experience that made them stronger and made the best out of every situation. You should try and do the same. Attitude is everything!


  1. Resentment, anger, jealousy

People who are truly happy don’t have negative emotions towards others. You will never achieve true and long- happiness if you are jealous or angry at someone. Of course, these emotions are part of every human alive, but it’s up to you whether you will let them control you or you will control them. Negative emotions such as resentment or anger will eat you from inside. I realize there are numerous people who may have hurt you, who betrayed your trust and did you wrong. But as long as you think about them and their maltreatment, these negative emotions control you. And they control you. It’s difficult to forgive to those who harmed us, but forgiveness will set you free. Remember, life will become much easier when you learn to accept the apology you never got.


  1. Not taking responsibility

One of the most important things you need to realize is that you are responsible for your life. You can’t go through life blaming the Universe or everyone around you for the things in your life. You are the only one responsible for your happiness. However, you can’t expect others to take your life in their hands. Nobody owes you anything and you don’t owe anything to anyone. There are people who go through life thinking that everything is someone else’s fault. If you do this, you will never make progress in anything. You will keep making excuses for everything wrong that happens to you. But, if you take things in your hands, you will feel like you are in control and in charge of your life.  You will soon realize that nobody can live your life instead of you.

You need to fulfill your own dreams and ambitions. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you will achieve everything you want on your first try. But that doesn’t mean you should quit. In contrary, failure is a part of life. Believe in yourself, continue trying and never give up! Sooner or later, true happiness will come.

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