Being in a relationship can make you feel like the happiest person alive. But, it can also make you feel sad, unwanted and miserable. If you feel unloved or not loved enough, maybe it’s time to pick up the signals and admit the harsh truth to yourself. Maybe your boyfriend really doesn’t have feelings for you or he doesn’t love you back as much as you love him.  Ask yourself if the two of you are equally emotionally involved in this relationship. You know you would be devastated if you lost him. But, it seems that he wouldn’t feel much of a difference if you left him.

Every time you think he doesn’t love you, you ask yourself why he is in a relationship with you. But, if you are not too needy, are nice to him and don’t require too much attention, is it possible that you are just convenient for him?

Of course, love can is hard to define. Different people show their emotions in different ways and you can’t expect that he shows his love towards you in an identical manner you are showing it to him. But, if your gut feeling and intuition are telling you that he doesn’t love you and doesn’t perceive your relationship seriously, maybe you are not as wrong as you keep telling yourself. Here are three signs he doesn’t love you.


  1. He doesn’t involve you in his future

When your boyfriend is making plans for the future, it’s like he never sees the two of you in it together. Actually, he doesn’t see you in his future at all. When he makes short or long-term plans, he never consults you, there is no “we” in his vocabulary. You could be together for years, but he never talks about taking things a step forward. When you try talking about the future, you feel like you are pushing him. He may have feelings for you, but if he doesn’t plan a future with you, it’s a strong indicator that he doesn’t consider you the one and that you are not his soulmate.


  1. He is not your friend

People who are in a strong, committed relationship are not just lovers, but also are friends. They share secrets, deal with problems and difficulties together. But, your relationship is nothing like that. You don’t know anything about your boyfriend’s desires, fears, ambitions… And he refuses to share that with you. Your communication is shallow most of the time and is almost always small talk. He is not interested in having deep and meaningful conversations with you. He was never interested in meeting you as a person on a deeper level.

When you try to start a deeper conversation or talk to him about the things that are concerning you, you feel like you are bothering him. He rarely truly listens to you. Even when he makes an effort to listen to you, it seems that he doesn’t involve himself emotionally in your troubles, nor he tries to help you resolve them.


  1. He doesn’t spend time with you

When someone is in love with you, that person will want to see you and it will be important for them to spend time with you. But, it seems that you are always the one proposing activities and dates. Everything seems more important for him than you. He has time for his job, family, friends, and everyone besides you. You feel like you are the only one who is calling to meet and as if you are forcing him to be with you. Even when the two of you meet, you have to plan all the dates and activities. He just appears uninterested. Besides, he values his time more than yours. You are always there for him and you will leave anything or anyone if he calls you or needs you. But, he never canceled his plans because you needed him.

On the other hand, he often canceled the plans he made with you when some of his friends call him. When you confront him about this, he has numerous excuses that he is just too busy and it’s like he doesn’t see where the problem is. This makes you feel unwanted, unloved and like a burden for him. And, this is the last thing you should be feeling in a healthy relationship.