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10 Signs Your Partner Is Secretly Unhappy

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Written by Peggysue

When you love someone you are ready to do anything just to make them happy. You are giving your best just to see a smile on their face. But what happens if your man is secretly unhappy? You can’t just ask him what is wrong or what did you do because that is not enough for your man to start speaking.

So here are some signs that your partner is secretly unhappy:


  1. Alone time- Sometimes everyone needs to spend a day alone. All of us need some ‘me time’- But if your man craves more alone time, maybe you have to be worried. It is not that big deal, but if he very often chooses to spend the day alone, he is either depressed or he is just unhappy with you.


  1. Distracted- He is often distracted. And he avoids to talk about his problems with you, he just keeps watching tv, he plays video games. Actually, he seems like he is too busy with other things, and he doesn’t have time for you. Sometimes he rather chooses to do trivial things instead of spending time with you.


  1. He doesn’t call or text you during the day- Maybe he is just busy with work, or some family issues. And maybe he is just taking a break. Try to not make a drama about it. But if everything seems ok and you don’t have any problems in your relationship, maybe he is not interested in you and your relationship like you are.


  1. Your man is emotionally unavailable- This sign is most alarming. Your partner can withdraw from you when he is cheating on the emotional way. Maybe it is about cyber cheating, virtual affairs, all of this can be the reason if your man is not available to you. There is a chance that he is sharing his feelings with someone else. With someone who is not you.


  1. He keeps silent- Sometimes you have a feeling that you have to pull out words from him. He just chooses to not say anything at all. This can be really exhausting because you want to talk with him, but he just refuses to communicate with you. You should give him some time, but if this happens very often, it can be a sign that he is unhappy.


  1. Your man is trying to change you- First of all, you have to ask yourself do you really want to be with someone who is trying to change the way you behave. If he is trying to change you in every possible way you should tell him that you don’t want to be changed. You need to love yourself, so don’t allow someone to give you an ultimatum. If he is trying to change the way you are in general, he is actually unhappy with you as a person who you are. Don’t let him ruin your individuality.


  1. Bad mood- All of us have mood swings. But if he is in bad mood every day it is a warning sign. You should try to help him, but if he is in a bad mood because of you, and if he is blaming you for his mood swings, then probably it is time to leave him alone. You don’t need that in your life.


  1. It seems like you are not his priority- This can be really tough. If he chooses to spend time whit his friends and not with you, and if it is happening very often you should be worried. He hangs out with his friends and family more than he does with you. Maybe he has really good reasons to hang out with them constantly, but if he doesn’t maybe he is just unhappy with you.


  1. Always in his phone- Maybe he is on the phone because someone needs his help or things like that. But this also can be another distraction from facing conversation with you. It is this happening constantly you should just ask him what is going on.


  1. No sex- If your partner stops wanting to be intimate with you. It can be a sign that he is unhappy. Maybe you should try to spice up your sex life. But if it doesn’t help, maybe you have to reconsider your relationship.


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