The Kind of Partner Who’s Attracted To You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Written by Chloe M.

When you look at your past relationships and the boys you have dated, do you think how they are always the same kind? The circumstances in which you meet them are different but in the end, the kind of partner who’s attracted to you is always the same.


    Astrology has found the kind of partner who’s attracted to each zodiac sign. As a result, this can help you see the pattern and possibly learn how to break it or how to embrace it.

    What is the kind of partner who’s attracted to you?


    An Aries is energetic and adventurous. They aren’t happy with any standards or normals. And they always want to explore a little more.

    But the kind of partner that is attracted to Aries is often the complete opposite. Aries attract the ones who want to lead a quiet life. But choosing Aries they want to experience totally new and fun life. Together, they are going to make a perfect harmony.


    Taurus love to love. They tend to be highly intelligent people and prefer to be laid.back instead of dramatic. And they attract people who love to be showered with love and affection. The people who are attracted to Taurus crave loyalty. And Taurus will surely give them what they need. The ability of Taurus to love the absolute best in things is the ultimate way to fix people who were broken and still struggling from their past.


    Geminis are extroverts. And they attract the kind of partners who need a spark in their life. Geminis love being constantly inspired and motivated. Therefore, their partners crave excitement and Geminis are going to fulfill their life with new things like passions, dreams, and projects. Finally, together they are going to enjoy their lives and lead the desire for constant learning.


    Cancers are very passionate and care about the people they love. They attract the people who are emotionally like you, they crave love, but also very manipulative. They often use Cancer’s empathy to do some things for them. Also, Cancerians tend to attract rich partners because their ambivalence about wealth assures their love interest that they aren’t in it for the money.


    Leos are leaders and have a dazzling personality. And the people who are attracted to Leos crave a star. They want to be around someone who is creative and smart, and they get swept away by Leo’s personality.


    Virgo remains calm and collected. And they are a great listener and can often calm people down easily. The people who are attracted to Virgos crave a safe place to land. Virgo has the ability to figure out things that seem complicated to others, but they can get stuck in a bad habit of dating fixer-uppers who want to use them for this ability.  However, the people Virgo attract are somewhat broken and in need of a safe place which can Virgo provide.


    Libras tend to find balance in everything. They will always find the perfect harmony, whether it is work, social life or love. The people who are attracted to Libras crave an equal partner in life. Libras are adept at almost everything they do. And they draw in people who want the best for themselves. Hence, Libras are going to make a partner who will make their life better in all ways. 


    Scorpios are mysterious and sexy and their flirty behavior will attract people who are missing passion from their lives. Everything Scorpios do is with passion and a strong intent. It can be slightly dangerous, but it is always exciting. So, Scorpios give the people a raw passion and their life will never be boring when they are with a Scorpio.


    Sagittarius is an advocate for adventure and freedom, and they love to live outside the norm. The people who are attracted to Sagittarius crave someone who can make them laugh. However, Saggitarius makes good friends and incredible partners which means you are lucky if you have a Saggitarius for a friend or partner as well.


    Capricorn is the career-oriented type of person and takes life very seriously. The people who are attracted to Capricorns are pragmatists who crave a refined partner. Capricorns attract traditional people who are missing stability and financial security from their life, and Capricorns can make them feel safe.


    Aquarians are unpredictable and spontaneous and they attract people who crave a life filled with meaning. Aquarians need to do good and help people around them. Because of this, Aquarians attract people and they become inspired by Aquarians generous spirit. Therefore, the people they attract see the best in Aquarians and take full advantage.


    Pisces is a dreamer and their head is in the clouds. The people they attract crave creativity. While Pisces live a life with good food, art, and music, the people they attract are attracted to the idea of a lifelong partnership with someone who can help them express themselves through art. And Pisces help them reveal their inner artist.

    The Kind of Partner Who's Attracted To You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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