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True Love or Just a Habit?

Written by Naila


There are many questions that you can answer to yourself and see if love is still in your relationship or your relationship has become just a habit. That’s good. It is good that you are thinking about your relationship and possible options and solutions for resolving any existing issues.

When your darling is in your thoughts, no matter how long you have been in touch, do you still feel those ” butterflies in the stomach” from the very beginning of your relationship? If you do, they are not here for the same reasons like in beginning.

They are here because of the true love.

In the other hand, if you feel that discomfort caused by boredom and routine when you think of him, it means that you are unhappy.It means that your relationship has become monotonous. Do not ever allow yourself to be in that position.
You can ask yourself: can I imagine my life without him? Everyone, at least once, have that foolish thought in his head and thinks how would things look like if we were not together? How would it all look like?

How did you feel when you were thinking about it?Or How did you react? Did you think that your life would not make any sense, or did you ever think about all the things you could do in your life without him?
The next question that might help you is: how do I feel when he hugs me or when I hug him? Have your hugs became just a  routine or you’re still ‘melting’ with every hug he gives you? Are you still feeling safe and wanted in that hug?

Do you feel that you have someone who only needs you?
Also, you can ask the following. Do I still like to go out with him or with some of my friends? Are you still excited when you’re going out with him and thinking that you need to prettify for him and to be the most beautiful for him so he can proudly pass through the city with you?

How do I feel when I say ‘I love you’? Are you still feeling special and fulfilled or it is now something you are telling with the same ease as ‘thank you’? Think about it.

When I have a duty to do, so I prefer to do it with him or all by myself?

What about future days… Do you wonder when you are thinking about the future and what is waiting for you all on the common path?

Or are you sad because you think you will never again have fun with him as you did before?

When your darling comes to your mind, are you thinking more of his imperfections and things that he could change on himself? 

Or you are still thinking about him as you did at the beginning of the relationship? You thought that he is one perfect creature that can only make you be a better person.

Once you have honestly answered yourself to all these questions, and you still cannot decide is this a relationship for you or not, there is another solution. Take a little break. Spend a certain period separately.

You’ll find it easier to find out do you still love him. If you do, you will only need a couple of days to understand that you want only him. If you feel big relief when that period begins, and if you do not pass the relief time, everything should be clear.

And do not be afraid of his reactions when you tell him you want a little break. Maybe he wants it too. If he really loves you, he will understand.

In relationships, there is always a time when things do not work the best. However, if your love is still true, both of you will have enough will and strength to eventually overcome some things.

Don’t be the person who is no longer happy and satisfied but doesn’t have the courage to decide to terminate the relationship. Sometimes the break up is the best solution for everyone.

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