How to Be Happy With Your Body

Happy With Your Body
Written by Selma

It’s hard to be happy with your body for everyone, and it seems to be especially difficult for women. No matter how you look, you will always be dissatisfied and your body will not be perfect for you. You will always think that you should lose some more weight, be taller, that your hair should become longer… But, the sooner you learn to love your body and to be happy in your own skin, you will be satisfied with yourself emotionally. You should learn to love yourself at any weight and learn that secret of loving yourself is not in losing weight or changing your appearance.

You probably think that you will automatically feel more confident and better about yourself if you change that thing about yourself you have always wanted to change. And you think that all your problems will be resolved instantly. But, that is far from the truth. If you accomplish one goal and for example lose some weight, you will still not be happy. You will soon find some other imperfections on your body and will want to change that as well. And the cycle goes on forever.

Remember that nobody is perfect. Nothing will magically change in your life when you correct your physical imperfections.

If you are constantly unsatisfied with the way you look, others absorb that negative energy and start perceiving you as a toxic person. When I personally was unhappy with my looks, I was jealous of anyone who looked the way I wanted to look. Of course, I thought that nobody noticed that, but now I see that my behavior was way too obvious. With time, I learned that we don’t all have the same genes and can’t look the same.

Our society gave us impossible standards to fit in. It is like we are all expected to be uninformed and look the same, which is impossible. And even if it is, where is the beauty in it? True beauty is in being unique. You can only be yourself and should never try to look like someone else. Also, always have in mind that all those actresses, singers and top models probably had numerous plastic surgeries. If that is not the case, they have an entire team of experts taking care of their looks. Don’t expect to look like them, because even they don’t look the same on photoshopped editorials and in real life.

You should always be grateful for everything life has given you. First of all, you are healthy and many people don’t have that privilege. Learn to chase away negative thoughts and don’t focus on the things you don’t have. In contrary, focus on everything you do have and everything you are blessed with. In this way, you will keep your mind and spirit positive. Self-love and self-admiration will soon follow. Don’t let social standards or people around you affect the way you feel about yourself. If you love yourself enough, everyone around will feel that energy and will perceive you in a different manner.

You are the one who has to work on yourself emotionally and from the inside. You probably have some deeper issues that don’t allow you to love your body. Maybe someone told you that you are not pretty enough or you are in a relationship in which you don’t feel appreciated. Those are the things you should work on, not on your body. Although you think that is the answer, you will not gain self-esteem if you lose weight. Self-confidence is built through other things and it comes from inside.

If you value yourself, love yourself and appreciate the way you look, other people will start perceiving you differently as well. How many women do you know that are overweight or don’t fit in social standards of perfect beauty, but everyone, including you, perceive them as incredibly pretty and beautiful? That is because they feel comfortable in their own skin and have that positive energy that seems to shine from inside them. On the other hand, there are numerous women who have the perfect face and body, according to all social standards, but everyone can see that they lack confidence. In order to be noticed, especially by the opposite sex, you don’t have to have the perfect looks, you have to be confident and happy about yourself. Others will feel it too.

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