While we are younger, we have mom and dad to be there to advise us, help us, support us and give us a huge amount of love. When we start getting older, we often argue with our parents, and we are bothered by anything they do and say, but that happens just because there is a generation gap. But at these times we don’t really have a good relationship with parents.

During those years we cannot tolerate the ‘nagging’ of our parents and their ‘lessons’, although we know that we will continue to appreciate and understand them in the future, realizing how much time they spent worrying about us.

We may consider them strictly, while they worry about how uptight we are, and how they need to be a little bit more strictly. All of this situation could be avoided if we had more time spent with them and talked to them in the more open way.

Learn how to avoid fights.

Believe it or not – fight with parents can be avoided in a very clever way. Older people use to say ‘better safe than sorry’ and that phrase can be applied to this situation. If you are capable to prevent a conflict before you get to it, better for both sides, yours and parents. Certain gestures can be enough, such as hugging one of them with a short understanding sentence to show them you are aware that they are upset, and that you do not want to have any kind of fight with them. So you showed them maturity and apprehension.

Spend some more time with them.

It is easy to be in same room with mom and dad if you are all busy with different things such as reading the book, watching movies, chatting online or using mobile, but did you ever ask yourself how much time do you actually spend with them? How often and how much do you talk to them about some meaningful things, and how much do you listen to them? If you cannot answer or remember, it is time to pay some attention. Parents love spending time with us, it would be the best if you start to appreciate their presence and do some fun activities, such as walking, excursion, movie night with popcorn and alike.

Try to be more aware of yourself.

In almost every conversation with our parents, you have to refrain from arguing, because of knowing how to hurt they get after you lose control and tell something that insults them. You blurted those words and you did not mean it, of course, did you?! You have to be more aware and you have to find out what your trigger is when you become nervous.

Seek for help when it is needed, and share your feelings.

It needs quite long time to open up to your parents, but being aware that they are your true friends who can solve most of your problems is something very important and huge. One problem leads to another so ask yourself about acting strangely and foolishly when it’s about your parents because certainly, it’s nothing about them. So, find out what it is about and share it with your parents, and they will help you.

Show them how you care and be better in what you are doing.

At least we could have found it easy to show our parents that we care about them. Some small signs of attention are wanted and recommended. Sometimes even ‘how do you feel’ is enough. Surprise your parents with any kind of gesture to show that you care and to make them proud.

Being the best in what you do means take an effort, and show your parents that you are trying. It will cheer them up for sure.

Show that you respect their opinion.

You cannot change your parents nor their way of thinking, you can only try to speak about any situation, and considering that you are not the same generation, you will never be fully understood, but tolerance is the key to a good relationship.