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You May Not Know It Now, But You Are Better Off Without Him

you are better off without him
Written by Selma

You probably think you had the best relationship ever and met your soulmate. But, out of the blue, everything fell apart. No matter what was the reason you two broke up, it was emotionally difficult for you. You probably feel heartbroken and would do anything just for him to come back. You are probably depressed or angry (or both) and are questioning yourself, wondering what you did wrong. Everything seemed so perfect and now, suddenly, he is gone. Your friends, family, and people around you are there for you and you are thankful for that, but they are all telling you that you will soon feel better and that you are better off without him. But, all of the things they are saying just seem as empty phrases and clichés to you. Trust me, they are all right. You are really better off without him and here is why.

The first thing you have to do is to stop questioning yourself, your acts and behavior. You did nothing wrong, you were the best girlfriend he could wish for. You know you did everything you could and always took him and his emotions into account. Ask yourself if he did the same.

Don’t think about how he is doing without you. This was his choice. You have enough on your mind to waste time and energy on thinking about how he feels. He probably has some emotional or psychological issues that he needs to deal with on his own. And you can’t do anything to help him. Ask yourself if he even deserved your help. You need to focus on yourself and your own well- being right now. Why would you care for someone who didn’t care for you? He didn’t care if he hurt your feelings when he walked away. He didn’t think how much his actions will hurt you.

Try to focus on other things and people around you. No matter what happened, you should never allow another person to determine your happiness, even if you love someone as much as you love him. Concentrate on your friends, family, hobbies and most importantly, focus on yourself. I will not lie to you, you will have to spend some time and effort before you get over him and realize you are better off without him. But, that doesn’t mean that moment will never come. Just dedicate all the time you can to getting to know yourself. It’s about time for you to become your number one priority.

In the beginning, you will hope that he will be back. You remember all the nice moments the two of you had, all the beautiful things he did for you and all the times he told you he loved you. Suddenly, it’s like you have selective memory and you forgot all the times you two argued, how he yelled, how he lied… how he made you feel sad, humiliated and miserable. Maybe you will be the one who will call him. Try not to do that, but if you slip, all those bad memories will come back to you the moment you hear his voice. Soon, as time passes by, you will stop idealizing him and see him as he truly is- egoistic and selfish. This is when you will be sick of thinking of him. You will be enough of all the suffering he put you through.

Before you know it, you will realize you don’t need that amount of negative energy that he was always full of. Without being aware of it, you absorbed that negativity. Your days were full of arguing, questioning yourself and stress. Now it’s time to be free. Free of all that negativity. Now it’s the time to start enjoying life to the fullest. It’s time to start appreciating and loving yourself. Work on your self-esteem and confidence. Don’t ever allow anyone to put you down or to tell you or show you that you are not good enough. Every morning you look yourself in the mirror, tell yourself you are the most beautiful, most capable, the prettiest and the smartest woman alive. That will boost your confidence and help you realize that he was the one who wasn’t good enough for you.

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