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I Loved You With Love That Was More Than Love

i loved you
Written by Peggysue

I loved you, and you were something special to me. When we were together I was the happiest girl in the world. We were together 3 years, and that time was amazing. You were perfect. I could see you and me in the future, but God had another plan for us, or just your plans were different than mine.
After a certain time, we became strangers. We didn’t go out, we barely talked. It was like our love has disappeared. And it was killing me. I didn’t want it, I didn’t want to let you go. And I was giving my best, but you…
It seemed like a relief for you. And that part almost killed me. Because I couldn’t recognize you. You weren’t a guy I fell for, you were so cold and rude. And one day you left, just like that. Literally, I was dying. I wasn’t ok for a very long time.

There was no happiness for me, no future, no reason for life. It took me almost a year to recover. The path was long and painful, but I did it. I survived, I cured my broken heart.
But you decided to come back, to beg me just to make me yours again. But you forgot one very important thing, I loved you, but I wasn’t naive and stupid anymore. I changed, I became strong and independent, and you always thought I would not. There was no place for you anymore. You had one chance and you screwed it.
I’m not going to be your safe place when you don’t have anywhere to go. I’m not going to be your lonely call when you just want to have fun. Darling, you destroyed me once, and you will not have a chance to come close to me ever again. You and I no longer exist.

You destroyed our love when you decided to leave. Your loss baby, not mine. I loved you with love that was more than love, but you still chose to shatter my soul. There is no forgiveness and another chance for you. So, goodbye, don’t call me, don’t think about me. Just leave me alone.

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