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He Is Using You, Most Obvious Signs

he is using you
Written by Peggysue

Do you ever feel like he is using you? Maybe you are so blindly in love and you can’t see it clearly, so here are some signs. Maybe your feeling is right, and he’s actually using you.

  • You don’t go on dates

If you don’t go out together, maybe he thinks that you are not worth taking out, or he’s ashamed of you. You need to know that you deserve someone who will take you out in public, and someone who is not ashamed of you.

  • Other think that he’s a bad guy

It’s not always the truth what other people say, but if he has a reputation for being a bad guy, maybe he’s actually a bad guy. Believe in your feeling, open your eyes.

  • He isn’t loyal to you

If he cheats on you, and go out with other girls, he doesn’t give a damn about you and your feelings. Just leave him.

  • He won’t talk about commitment

Probably he’s using you because if he doesn’t want to talk about the commitment he doesn’t really care about you.

  • Super selfish lover

He’s a guy who is only self-serving in the bedroom. His happiness is only important, not you. Think twice about what his intentions are because it seems like he is using you.

  • You’ve never met his family or friends

If he doesn’t introduce you to his family and friends, he doesn’t take you and your relationship seriously. You don’t need that kind of guy in your life.

  •  Financially dependent on you

You pay for everything. And he always except you to pay all bills. You shouldn’t constantly be pulling your wallet out to pay all of the time. This is a sign that he is definitely using you.

  • He’s asking for favors all the time

Your man is constantly asking you to do things for him. And he never returns the favor. You don’t need someone like that, you are not his nanny.

  • All he cares about is himself

Selfish guy!! He doesn’t care about your feeling, all that’s matter is he. You should be with someone who will care about you and your feelings.

  • He constantly avoid the lovey-dovey stuff

And he wants just one thing. You don’t need a man who just wants sex for you, actually, he’s using you for sex. Don’t be blind, leave him.

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