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Forgive Yourself and Others

Written by Chloe M.

Forgiveness and it’s true meaning cannot be easy to understand, and so it’s not easy to forgive yourself or others. When we talk about forgiveness it has a significant part in work on self or personal development.

Why do people find it difficult to forgive?

Forgiveness includes acceptance of the reality we don’t like – life and people often are not in our taste, and to forgive means to accept that. There is no some specific rules of living life, and there is no assurance that everything is going to be easy in life, including people. We do not have to suffer if we are not liked, respected or appreciated by someone. This can be applied to our closest people.

Forgiveness implies giving up some of the unrealized desires – being able to accept that sometimes what you expected (love, respect, understanding etc.) you can’t receive. As long as anyone continues to obstinately claim to gain something that can’t be any chance to get, person, will be angry and won’t be able to forgive.

Forgiveness is about abandoning personal pride – pride is the biggest barrier to forgive because a person with pride is trying to blame another person for pain or expect of her to acknowledge her mistakes, to change and say sorry. If you want to forgive, stop asking people to change or blaming them for their acts.

To forgive means to give up from anger or being hurt. No one is powerful over another, can’t humiliate you, or make you suffer. Only you can create suffering for yourself. That what makes you suffer is your insisting all around you to be the way you want them to be.

If you need to forgive yourself and others, you have to stop being angry, be aware that there are things we can’t get, accept reality the way it is.

A person who forgives doesn’t have to tell another person about the act because that is an inner act, where a person changes something in himself.

After forgiving we get inner peace, putting a point on a segment of life that is over, redirecting energy on something constructive and in the end we progress in maturity and personal development.

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