Fear of Jealousy

Written by Chloe M.

We often read that jealousy is a primordial part of being in love but does it really have to be? Do we really have to be troubled by the fear of unfaithfulness? Does a lack of jealousy mean that there is no love in a relationship or does a huge amount of jealousy shows an unconditional love? And where is the boundary between jealousy and ownership?

Maybe the problem is that we often confuse jealousy with ownership.

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you own your partner and all of his free time. Trusting your partner shouldn’t be so difficult, whatsoever it should be a fundamental part of your relation.

Jealousy is related to the fear of losing your partner, now that you have one and are happy with him. It could be the absence of attention from the past that you are missing or something that made you insecure and made you lost your confidence and trust.

Well, trust is not something you just own and share with your partner. Trust is like a tower of cards. It needs quite a long time to build, but on the other side, it can be crashed in a second. Some time apart from your partner doesn’t mean that the love you have for each other is going to end.Certainly, you cannot expect someone to trust you if you are a drama queen anytime your partner wants to spend some time with his friends (either male or female).

Jealousy can come from both sides of the relationship. It is like a circle where someone always has to sacrifice for a relationship more than another partner. A little bit of jealousy is sweet and good from time to time. Arguing with your partner means that you really care for each other. But if you’re possessive, if you create problems where they don’t exist, then those relationships are toxic and there is no bright future for you two as a couple.

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