11 Signs You Have a Big Heart

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Everyone is capable of love, but if you have a big heart, you’ll know that emotions are more intense for you. You’re the kind of person who doesn’t put terms and conditions on loving someone – you have a kind soul, and plenty of love to give. You know there aren’t many people who feel as strongly as you do. You know how easily you get heart broken when you spend all your time loving and caring for others. Your heart rules over your head. People with a big heart just generally feel more so much more than others do, and it’s a great way to be. Maybe everyone else should take a leaf from your book! Here are some other signs you have a big heart.

You put others before yourself

If you have a big heart, you know that the people in your life matter a lot to you. You’d put their happiness above yours any day of the week. You’d suffer on their behalf if it meant giving them some peace of mind. People think you’re intense, but you just care a lot.

You care about animals

People who have empathy for animals are often very caring. They believe animals have the same rights as humans, and treat them with just as much respect. You have a big heart if you have room to love every animal in the way you love and care for humans.

You feel sympathy for people you’ve never met

Many people can watch world news and not blink an eye at the state of the world, but each time you hear of someone in pain, you ache for them. You don’t have to know a person to be invested in seeing their happiness. You also feel more attachment to fictional characters, especially when they’re suffering.

You miss people when you haven’t seen them in a few days

When you have a big heart, being away from your loved ones can feel painful. You start to miss people very quickly, and you hope to see them again as soon as possible to end the pain. You have very deep emotional bonds with people, and you feel like anything less is a failed friendship. You don’t want a large group of friends who don’t really care – without a deep connection, you don’t feel it’s worth your time.

You feel emotional pain more than others

When you have a big heart, it’s easier to have it broken. You hold on to lost loves for a long time, and you’re scarred by events long after they happen. They say your first love hurts the most when you lose it, but for you, every lost love is like a punch in the gut.

You’re often described as sensitive

People who are less emotional than you, or not as in touch with their feelings, will describe you as sensitive, but when you have a big heart, you can’t help it! You’re the kind of person who is full of inspirational quotes and lyrics about heartbreak, and there’s nothing you can do to change that about yourself. But as far as you’re concerned, it’s better than having no feelings at all. A lot of things will set you off emotionally, and you don’t have a fear of holding it back.

You’re the one people go to for advice

People know you have good advice, because you’ve been through every emotional pain under the sun. You wear your heart on your sleeve, so you know how to deal with every emotional paint there is. You also know when a person needs their privacy, so you understand when it’s time to step back, but one of the benefits of having you as a friend is you always know what words to say to comfort people.

You have a lot of romantic interest

People who love a lot get a lot of love back. If you’ve found a lot of people are romantically interested in you, it’s often because they can see that you have a big and pure heart. In terms of love, you fall hard and fast, but you always look foremost for someone who is kind and caring.

You forgive people easily

You don’t see sense in holding grudges where they’re not necessary. You take every apology as meaningful, even if it’s not, because you would never make a half-hearted promise or apology. You assume everyone is mostly good, and see the best in them. Why would you want to waste time on feeling negative towards someone when you can choose to see the best side of them?

You don’t get angry easily, but when you do, it’s intense

If something or someone angers you, people are going to want to clear out the room. Once you blow up, you let all your emotions fly. It takes a lot to get you riled up, but whoever gets you to that point should prepare to feel your wrath. When you feel this way, you try and let it off in the privacy of your room so you don’t hurt anyone’s feelings – even when you’re feeling at your worst, you would never want to say a bad word against anyone.

If you love someone, you have a big heart

Anyone who can open their heart to love someone has a bigger heart right from the off. If you have a big heart, there’s always room for someone else to be loved by you.

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