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The Ugly Truth About Modern Dating

Modern Dating
Written by Selma

You can always hear people complaining that they can’t find their soulmates. It is especially hard for those who came out of a long relationship and are not used to new, modern rules of dating.

The fact is that nobody tries anymore. Men used to court women, but now, he will like your social media pictures or text you. There is no romance in that.

Everyone is afraid to show their feelings and it seems as it became shameful to have emotions, especially towards the person you are dating or are in hope of dating. If you show that you are the one who is more interested, you already gave the other person more power. It is a never-ending game of who cares less. In order to show that they are the ones who care less, men tend to take days or even weeks to text or call you back. Women have a different strategy. They usually play hard to get.

If you plan on doing something romantic, think again, because you will probably regret it. Romance is definitely dead. If you are romantic in a traditional sense, you will probably be characterized as pathetic, too clingy or even creepy.

But, modern dating is the hardest for those who are in search for a relationship. Or anything more than casual sex. People are in general scared of commitment and are afraid of labeling their relations or being exclusive.

Another big problem is cheating. Of course, cheating has always existed. But now, with numerous social media, other people became more accessible and cheating became easier. Everyone has more options. It is much easier to add or follow someone on social media than to approach them in real life. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home to “meet” new people. Smartphones and different apps for hiding things in them and private messaging made cheating a piece of cake.

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