What is it about relationships and you that just doesn’t seem to work out? What is the reason why you suck at relationships?

You find it challenging to take care of your relationships as time goes, but at the beginning, you had the best of intentions where your relationship is concerned. You can’t really figure out what is wrong and your relationship starts to suffer. Then, you can’t really fix your relationship because you don’t know what is the problem. And before you even talk about that, you are single again.

It’s time to break up your terrible relationship habits. And astrology can help. Astrologists find out some insights why you are bad at relationships. And we want to help you to identify what characteristic you have that is getting in the way of having a happy relationship.

Here’s why each zodiac sign sucks at relationships:


Aries sucks at being able to put up with boring.
They aren’t interested in commitment until they find someone adventurous and exciting as they are. Aries have a lot of short relationships because they become bored quickly. They have a fear about being tied down to someone who just wants to settle down. They don’t intend to hurt people, but it happens a lot. Especially the people they love. Whatever they want, they want it now, because they are impulsive, demanding and impatient. Aries is going to keep sucking at relationships until they find someone whose version of life is exciting as theirs.


Taurus sucks at opening up to people.
It takes Taurus a thousand years to open up and trust someone. It’s not that long, but still, it is a long time. But they expect others to trust them enough to do what they want.
They scare people off because they appear to be such an emotionless rock from the outside. That’s really big deal because people aren’t willing to stick around as long it takes for them to trust people and open up. Taurus need to show they are interested what should make people trying to get to know them.


Geminis suck at being adults.
They live in their own positivity bubble and when it comes to relationships they fail because relationships require unpleasant work and they fail to realize this. This makes their partner feel alone in the relationship. Geminis destroy any chance of their relationship lasting. However, they are just reacting to their fear of commitment. They are going to keep sucking until they find a way to infuse all their passions into the relationship.


Cancers suck at standing up for yourself.
They hate conflict, and it’s really hard for them to handle any kind of disharmony. They actually prefer to sweep issues under the rug because they want desperately to have a happy relationship. Cancers see love as a precious gift and they just want to have a relationship without any conflict. They continue to idealize their partner until their emotions explode out of them. Until they realize that unpleasant and small conversations are better than waiting until issues are too big to casually discuss, they are going to continue to suck at relationships.


They suck at trusting people to give them their due.
Leos love attention and they need to say clearly to their partners that they need attention and affection from them to come in the form of concrete words in order to have a happy relationship. Most people don’t have the kind of energy needed to give all the attention a Leo demands. But Leos need to attend to their partners and make sure they feel supported and loved in order to stop sucking at relationships.


They suck at picking the right people.
They chose challenging garbage people to fix. And they become more like a friend of their partner than a lover. They have the high level of perfection that they demand from everyone and themselves. They often criticize their partners for their mistakes. Virgos are going to keep sucking at relationship until they force themselves to be vulnerable enough to pick someone who is on equal footing with them.


Libras don’t actually suck at relationships, it’s that everyone else sucks at relationships.
They are out of place in the cold-hearted world of modern dating. They care about people and want to form a happy relationship. Libras aren’t interested in commitment just for the sake of commitment, but it’s hard for them to find someone who wises up until they find another Libra to get with.
They will do everything they have to in order for their relationship to work. But they often don’t express their feelings because they just want to avoid conflicts and those feeling get buried until they can no longer keep them down and they explode.


They suck at showing affection.
They never want to be vulnerable enough to return someone’s affection. Scorpios are convinced that they’re going to be screwed over and their best course of action is to screw over their partner before they do that to them. And they are afraid of a broken heart. They are going to keep sucking at relationships until they humble their ego a little bit and put themselves out there.


They suck at realizing that everyone has flaws.
They have the high level of perfection that they demand from everyone and themselves. Capricorns are missing a lot of incredible people because they don’t perfectly fit the mold of what Capricorns think they want. They don’t give their relationships time to go bad because if there’s any indication of trouble, they don’t want to deal with it. They just want to be our of the vicinity of heartbreak. Capricorns are going to keep sucking at relationship as long as they think love is going to come to them in a cookie cutter form.


 They suck at thinking anyone else is on your level.
They don’t think anyone is on their speed. Aquarians are always a big mystery because they tend to keep their emotions just to themselves. They are reticent about sharing information about their life. Aquarians partners feel insecure because they don’t really know their Aquarians partner. Aquarians are going to keep sucking at relationships as long as they don’t open up more so their partner will know them.


They suck at letting people into their world.
They tend to jump into relationships without giving it much thought beforehand. And they make poor choices in regards to their partner. They think they are warm and open, but actually they disappear into their own world very often. Pisces get swayed by their own overly-romantic ideas and once reality sets in, the lose interest in their relationships. They are going to keep sucking at relationships until they realize perception is reality and the people they date need to see how much they really care.