Although many people are suspicious when it comes to friendships between men and women. People always think that something more is going on in those friendships. Many say that sooner or later, one of the people in the friendships grows feelings and consequently, both of them got hurt. This judgment related to male and female friendships grows when one of you enters a serious and committed relationship. Usually, this is when your best friend’s girlfriend starts getting jealous of your friendship. Or maybe your boyfriend has the problem with you having a male best friend. Either way, this is the situation when most male-female friendships end and if yours survived, it is for a lifetime.

Women who have a life-lasting friendship with a man know how rare this relationship is and know how to appreciate it. Your male best friend is the same as your female best friend. If he is truly your best friend, he will be supportive, sincere with you and always stand up for you.

Having a male friend has some advantages. You may think that he cannot give you make-up and clothing advice, but you couldn’t be more wrong. He will always tell you the truth and you don’t need to be scared that he will envy you in any way. When it comes to love and relationships, you should always take his advice into consideration. This is the only male person in your life who will tell you how things really are.

If you have a brother, you are probably not as sincere with him as with your best friend. When you have a male friend, you can finally see the world from a guy’s perspective and get inside a male brain. He doesn’t have to pretend to be something he is not since he is not trying to impress you or flirt with you. Listen to his advice, because he is talking from a male perspective.

Besides this, your male friend will guard and protect you, as if you were his sister. Whether you want to get rid of a boring guy or someone is really bothering you, your male BFF will always be there for you.