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Signs Your Relationship Isn’t Going to Work

relationship isn't going to work
Written by Selma

We all hate admitting that our romantic relationship is not working as it should and that it’s coming to an end. Of course, every relationship, especially a romantic one, has its ups and downs. You shouldn’t make a big deal out of every little thing and every little fight, but there are some crucial things and deal breakers in every human relationship. Sometimes you can think you can make it work, but years are passing by, and the two of you are still facing the same issues and problems. Here are signs your relationship isn’t going to work.

  • You Don’t Have The Same Plans For the Future

No matter how much you love each other, you simply don’t have the same desires when it comes to your future life. Maybe you want kids and he doesn’t, or vice versa; maybe his dream is to live in a country cottage and you dream of living in a big metropole. The point is: you don’t fit in each other’s long-term life plans. Even if one of you would give up on their plans, that person would probably end up miserable and unhappy.

  • Your communication is poor

The initial passion and butterflies are long gone. You still love each other, but now you both come to realize you have almost nothing in common. You don’t like the same things and don’t share any interest. This is not the person you can meaningful and deep conversation with. He is simply not your friend or soulmate.

  • There is no respect

Your partner maybe loves you, but he has zero respect towards you and everything important to you. You simply feel that he doesn’t appreciate your opinion, decisions or you as a person. Your partner is rude, disrespectful and condescending to you. You feel like he is emotionally abusing and draining you. No matter how intense the passion may be, there cannot be love where there is no respect.

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