How to overcome overthinking your relationship

overcome overthinking
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Relationships are never as plain sailing as they might seem in the movies. We all get jealous sometimes, or say things we don’t mean, or manage to upset one another. So how are we supposed to overcome overthinking our relationship issues? It’s hard to identify when we’re being paranoid and when there might actually be a problem. Fortunately, we’ve come up with a list of ways to overcome overthinking.

  1. Ensure you communicate with your partner

When you’re feeling nervous about your relationship, it’s vital that you speak to your partner about it. The chances are, if you don’t, that you’ll start to create issues that weren’t there before. Don’t be passive aggressive or wait for them to realist that you’re upset. Sit them down and have a serious discussion about what’s bothering you.

Any problem, big or small, is halved when you share it. That’s what your partner is there for – as a support system, and to take on your problems as a team. Utilize them in these situations, even when you feel like everything is falling apart.

  1. Create logic in each scenario that worries you

When you overthink, you often fabricate illogical worries out of thin air. When trying to overcome overthinking, you must rationalize each thought you have. Take the situation and question why you’re feeling the way you are. Is there any evidence to prove your doubts are on track? If not, you’re probably overthinking too much.

  1. Express how you’re feeling

It doesn’t have to be to your partner, though it certainly helps them understand where you’re coming from. If you’re too scared to speak to them about your relationship, someone else will be happy to lend an ear. Explain what you’re feeling, and try to understand your own mind as you do so.

  1. Ask for an outsider’s opinion

An outsider is more likely to be impartial to the situation, and they can often shed new light on a problem you’ve ran through your head a million times over. Listen carefully to what they have to say. The chances are, they’ll know what the best logical step will be, and they won’t hold back on their opinions.

  1. Don’t be afraid of your own thoughts

Don’t shove a frightening thought to the back of your mind. It only allows doubt and fear to multiply and grow stronger. Conquer a problematic thought before it becomes more serious and starts to affect your life. Take it on and get it out of your system, or risk being consumed by it.

  1. Help your partner overcome overthinking too

Everyone does it from time to time. You might think that your partner is too strong for those fears, but the chances are, they’ve felt the same way you are at some point. Men in particular don’t like to express their fears and will keep it quiet and under wraps. Challenge them to open up alongside you. You’ll both feel better for it, and you’ll come out the other side much stronger, and much more aware of the other’s emotions. You may not overcome overthinking completely, but you’ll reduce its hold on you for sure.

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