Leave Him


Love should be something special, something wonderful. But love is not always perfect or wonderful. Especially when you fall for the wrong man. A relationship should make your life happier, but when you have a toxic relationship you are not happy.

You are constantly in an agony and you are afraid, afraid of everything. Afraid of staying, leaving, and afraid of future. No one deserves that kind of life. Where sadness becomes part of your everyday life.

Once, I loved a bad guy, a toxic man, and I strongly believed that he’s the one. But I was wrong. He was just one toxic and narcissistic man, who destroyed my life in every possible way. I stayed too long with him. I feel little embarrassed to confess that I wasn’t strong to leave, to save myself on time. He pulled out life from me. I was alive but I did not live.

I let him do with me whatever he wanted. He wrapped me around the finger. The worst part is that I knew all that, but I was weak. And I was unable to fight. Because of him, I lost my self-worth. Because of him, I lost everything.

He was a reason I lost my self-confidence. For him, I wasn’t beautiful enough, smart enough. My jokes were never funny to him. And after a while, I started thinking that I’m not worth anything. He completely destroyed my confidence.

So, please, don’t be like me. Don’t let him make you less valuable than you are. You are pretty, you are kind and smart. Don’t let him destroy your life. He is not worth it. He doesn’t deserve you. You are just perfect the way you are. Please, don’t let him hurt you.

If you let him control your life, to manipulate with you, he will destroy you. Yes, he will. Because he doesn’t care. All that he cares for is himself.

Because whenever he ignores you and lies to you, he will make you believe that you deserve it. He will blame you for everything. Don’t let him. No one deserves that way of living. That’s not a life. Not at all.

He will make you a crazy one, obsessive one. He will be the center of your world but in a creepy way. You don’t deserve that.

When he is done with you, you won’t be the same person. He will replace your happiness with anxiety. And you don’t deserve it. Day by day it will be getting worse. Stop all of it. You don’t need him in your life.

He will convince you that he’s got your back and that he’s your person. He will promise you everything, but don’t be naive. Because he will not make his promises. He is just one big liar.

One day he will betray you, he will leave you. So, you need to leave him, before he destroys you. You will be fine. You are going to be fine. And you don’t need him in your life.

Leave him on time. Leave him while it’s not too late.