I’m Happy Again


No one deserves to be treated the way you treated me. When I was with you, I didn’t have my life. Because I gave you everything, I gave you my life, and even more. But all of that was never enough. I wasn’t enough.

You wanted me to be something different. And all the time you demanded me to change. To be a girl you wanted to have by your side. And I loved you so much, you knew it, and you used it.

You were my person, so I let you do with me whatever you wanted.  I fell for you, I fell for you really hard. And I wanted to make us work. I thought you will be there no matter what. I thought you were going to catch me if I ever fall.

You were good at pretending.

And I was naive. Because you were just one big liar. You didn’t care about me, you didn’t love me, you were just playing games with me.

I gave you so much, without getting anything in the return. You were someone else when you were with me. You weren’t honest with me, right from the start. And you were playing games with me.

Now I know, no one who loves you will ever make you feel like you are nothing. You didn’t love me because when I was with you, I was nothing.
But because of you, I changed. You destroyed me then, but now I am a completely different person.
Now I’m happy with myself, with my life, and I don’t think about you. I loved you, but I love me more. I’m just sorry I did not realize all this before. Before you broke my heart.
And I’m happy now, but darling, you will always be the same piece of shit.