I had a lot of rough moments in my life, and every time I lost more and more. I lost self-confidence, I forgot my values, I lost myself. Actually, I lost everything. Life did not make sense to me. And I wasn’t happy.

But one day, when I woke up something happened. The sun was shining, everything was brighter. And I felt something in my heart. I could feel the warmth and beauty that surrounded me. That was something new for me. Because all I had in my life was sadness and darkness, and everything was black. There was no light. But that day, something was different.

Next moment I realize that I was ready.

I was ready to live again, I was ready to start my life.

And that was something special.

I stopped diminishing my values for others. I stopped apologizing for the things I was doing. And I started to love myself again.

No matter how many times I was broken, and how my life was miserable, I decided to start all over again. Not only did I decide to turn a new page, I decided to start a new book. I decided to start a new life.

I’m still learning and surviving, and I’m breathing. And I do not blame anyone, everything had to happen. Without struggling and hurting, I wouldn’t be able to be what I am meant to be. To be this person.

Because without sadness and dark days, I wouldn’t get to a happier place.

Maybe I was weak before, I didn’t know how to live through terrible times, but I learned everything. Now I know that I need to struggle in order to survive.

There will be a hard time, I know, but I’m ready to deal with all of that. Now I’m strong, I’m confident, I love myself, and I love my life. Now I’m tender, I’m patient, and I’m ready to take my strength to fight.