Date A Photographer

If you are a girl who in her life has a potential photographer, here are some of the reason why you should date a photographer. Because he is a completely different kind from others.

  1. He is a very patient man
  2. You’ll never miss a moment
  3. You’ll always have a perfect profile photo
  4. He has a very different perspective and his way of thinking is very clear
  5. He loves road-trips
  6. He is outgoing
  7. You will never miss any special moment of your life, as he will always click it for you
  8. He finds beauty all around
  9. You will visit beautiful and interesting places
  10. He pays attention to details
  11. He always find a way to make you smile
  12. You won’t miss another sunset or sunrise
  13. He’ll teach you some simple tricks to take excellent shots on your smartphone
  14. He will love you for trying to learn and adjust to his lifestyle
  15. He is sociable and therefore should be great fun on dates
  16. He is always up for a deep and meaningful conversation
  17. He is a happy person to be around
  18. You’ll actually talk about things other than sports
  19. He is creative
  20. He knows how to move in the dark
  21. He loves making memories