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3 Signs He Is Cheating on You

he is cheating on you
Written by Karen Clark

Every woman’s biggest relationship fear is that she is not the only one in her man’s life. Women often rely on intuition and most women who have been cheated on, say their gut instinct was the first sign. Sometimes you don’t have the obvious signs, but you just feel something is wrong. On the other hand, there are numerous women who have all the obvious signs right in front of them but choose not to see them and live in a lie. If you are having second thoughts on whether your boyfriend or husband is being unfaithful, here are 3 signs he is cheating on you.


    1. He is always absent

    All of the sudden, your boyfriend’s working hours have increased. He is always staying longer at work or on drinks with friends. Suddenly, he has unexpected business trips that give him the opportunity to spend the nights away from home. Maybe he really got more responsibilities at work, but being away from home more often than before is the first sign of cheating.

    1. He is mysterious

    Of course, we all need our privacy and don’t want anyone behind our backs all the time. But, if he starts hiding his phone, texting all the time and is nervous when you try to look at it, you should probably be worried.

    1. He starts to take more care of himself

    Caring about your appearance, involving into physical activities and taking care of what you eat is something we should all do. But if he starts dressing better, changes his perfume or aftershave or suddenly becomes obsessed with working out, that can be a warning sign. This doesn’t have to necessarily mean he is cheating on you, but there is a big chance he wants to be more attractive to other women, and that should also concern you.

    3 signs he is cheating on you

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