We are waiting for people worth our time

We are waiting for
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There’s a lot of stigma around being single at a certain age. People always ask who you’re dating, and if you have any dates lined up. You keep getting asked about marriage and kids, and you’ve most likely had enough of it. Because here’s the thing: we are waiting for people who are worth our time. We have the sense to know that rushing into things isn’t going to find us someone up to our standards. That doesn’t mean we’re actively seeking this person either – we’re happy to wait when it comes to true love, because these things can’t be rushed. But what are we looking for? It’s a good question. There are several things in particular that can’t be compromised.

They must have a sense of humor

When we are waiting for someone good to come along, having a sense of humor is a must. They don’t have to be a professional comedian. We just want someone who can take a joke, and will make us laugh from time to time. Life is so much happier when you’re laughing, and that’s something you want to be doing regularly when you’re planning a future with someone.

They must be sweet to us

We are waiting for someone who isn’t going to hurt us like the rest of them did. We’re not going to compromise for someone who is half-heated in a relationship. They have to take it further than just going through the motions. We want them to show that they care through their actions and words. We want them to compliment us from time to time. It’s not much to ask, though sometimes it seems impossible to find someone willing to do these things for us. Don’t worry. That person is out there somewhere.

They must be patient

If you’ve had a difficult relationship in the past, it’s always difficult learning to trust someone new. You never know if someone’s about to hurt you again, or whether the person you’re dating is for real. Anyone we date must be willing to put in time and effort to making us feel comfortable as we settle into something new. They must make sure not to push us too far when we’re going at our own pace.

They need to be considerate and emotionally intelligent to be worthy of our time.

They must be faithful

Unless you’re dating casually, they must be committed only to you. If necessary, you can discuss with them exclusivity, but it should be common sense that if you’re dating a woman, you’re not dating someone else. Don’t settle for someone who is willing to sleep around to get what they need. If you’re not enough for them, they’re not worth your time anyway.

We are waiting for: come find us

We are waiting patiently for the right person to come our way. We are waiting for something just short of perfection, and we’re not asking for much, really. We are waiting for decency, kindness and common courtesy. We are waiting for someone who doesn’t have to be told how to behave. We are waiting: come and find us.

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